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  Persaeus   of Citium - Stoic philosopher, 3rd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
276/7 Persaeus shares a home with Zenon, and on one occasion brings a flute
276/8 Zenon sends Persaeus as his representative to the court of Antigonus.
261/27 followers, including Cleanthes, Dionysius, Persaeus and Poseidonius.
243/8 Persaeus uses identical twins to play a trick on Ariston of Chios.
243/9 Persaeus insists on following legal formalities when lending money
243/10 Persaeus possesses great influence at the court of Antigonus, which
243/11 nus' garrison, which is commanded by Persaeus, and captures Corinth.
    Within translations:
Athen_4.162 beautiful philosopher Persaeus, compiled out of the Comm
Athen_6.251 tium, was a flatterer of Persaeus the philosopher, because
Athen_13.607 ying girl, may have been Persaeus himself; for Antigonus
DiogLaert_7.1 legs, on which account Persaeus, in his Convivial Remini
DiogLaert_7.6 off himself, and sent Persaeus, one of his intimate fri
DiogLaert_7.9 ss. So he sent him Persaeus and Philonides, the Theban,
DiogLaert_7.13 in the same house with Persaeus; and once, when he broug
DiogLaert_7.28 to the last. But Persaeus, in his Ethical School, states
DiogLaert_7.36 nent were, first of all, Persaeus, of Citium, the son of
DiogLaert_7.120 Ethic Questions, and so say Persaeus and Zenon. For if
DiogLaert_7.162 by opinions. But Persaeus argued against this, and cause
Plut:Arat_18 ence, and made the philosopher Persaeus governor. Whilst
Plut:Arat_23 to leave Corinth. Persaeus, on the taking of the citadel,
Polyaen_6.5.1 under the command the Persaeus the philosopher and Arche
Vit:Arat_3 ratus stayed, along with Persaeus the Stoic, Antagoras of
Vit:Arat_4 udent of the philosopher Persaeus at Athens, and he accomp

  Persaeus   - in documents
Syll_492 (c. 263)   stoboulos the son of Persaios Apollodoros of Kyzi

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