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  Perrhaebia   - a district in northern Thessaly, Greece
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  + Perrhaebi , Perrhaebian , Perrhaebians
168/15 Paullus decides to attack Perrhaebia.
    Within translations:
Athen_6.260   sent him to destroy the Perrhaebi, and to govern all that
Athen_6.265   the Thessalians having Perrhaebian and Magnesian slaves;
Athen_11.476   in Women of represents the Perrhaebians as using horns instead of
Plin:HN_4.2   to birds, the Cestrini, the Perrhaebi to whom belongs Mount Pindus,
Plin:HN_4.6   Tymphaei, Ephyri, Aenienses, Perrhaebi, Dolopes, Maraces and
Plin:HN_36.182   earth, as in Cyprus and Perrhaebia. There is also that of
SEG_64.492.C   (167) the general of the Perrhaiboi and to the councillors synedr
Syll_399   (278/7)   on, son of Alexandros Perrhaibians : Charidemos of
Syll_636   (178)   son of Telesarchos Perrhaibians: Apollodoros of
Syll_638   (soon after 178)   os was general of the Perrhaibians, on the thirt
Syll_643   (171/0)   has ensued that the Perrhaibians [and the Thessalia

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