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  Pelopidas   - Theban general, 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Just_6.9   rtues of Epaminondas and Pelopidas, imposed the power of
Nepos_15.7   colleagues, one of whom was Pelopidas, a man of courage and
Nepos_15.10   this he was criticised by Pelopidas, ** who had a son
Nepos_16.1   [1]   Pelopidas, the Theban, is better known
Nepos_16.2   twelve heroes, then, led by Pelopidas, left Athens by day, in
Plut:Arat_16   Aratus sister to that of Pelopidas the Theban and Thrasybu
Plut:Mor_192   charge at the request of Pelopidas; when his miss entreate
Plut:Mor_194   trymen. PELOPIDAS. Pelopidas, Epaminondas' colleague, when
Polyaen_2.4.1-3 *   ately gave way and fled. [4] & Pelopidas. Pelopidas advanc
Polyaen_2.38.1   order of battle. Pelopidas realised, from such an appear

  Pelopidas 2   - envoy of king Mithridates, 1st century B.C.
89/27 Mithridates sends Pelopidas to complain to the Roman envoys in Asia
88/1 Mithridates sends Pelopidas on a final embassy to the Romans.

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