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  Paris   - a Trojan, the son of Priamus, who abducted Helen
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  + Alexander , Parises
Aelian:Fr_122 ehaviour] of Menelaus to Paris the son of Priam I neither
Aelian:NA_1.26 elaus fought for his wife with Paris. [27] & The Octopus
Aelian:NA_7.19 bone, just like Menelaus and Paris over Helen. I am told
Aelian:NA_10.1 to a close. And Paris was being dragged along by Menela
Aelian:NA_14.8 had accepted the gold of Paris, splendid gifts,' as Homer
AnthPal_16.165 in finding fault with Paris." [166] EUENUS & { Ph 11
AnthPal_16.166 Cnidians, having the vote of Paris to attest his skill.
AnthPal_16.170 spear you will exclaim, "Paris was really a bumpkin." [171
AnthPal_16.172 on, forgetting the judgment of Paris. [176] Antipater_of_T
AnthPal_6.48 of Cypris, voting like Paris against you." [50] Simonide
AnthPal_6.89 its rugged peak, to you Paris the fisherman dedicates thi
AntipThes_9.77 send a flame to fall on Troy, Paris the bringer of woe.
Apollonid_16.49 which such a sun shines. * & Paris and Ganymedes. [16.50
Athen_1.18 eroes as perfumed except Paris; when he says [ Il_3'392
Athen_6.232 might avenge himself on Paris - & Bring me the golden orn
Athen_14.614 to laugh at Bithys and Paris, who had more influence tha
Lucill_11.278 you teach the woes of Paris and Menelaus, having at hom
Nicarch_9.576 rmerly, amid the rocks of Ida, Paris pronounced me fairest
Plut:Mor_174 eek ambassadors, advised Alexander to restore Helen, promi
StephByz_70 roy, where they say that Paris judged the goddesses, accor

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