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  Paean   - a god of healing, invoked in songs of thanksgiving
Wikipedia entry
Athen_14.631 and Dionysus, and to the Paean, dancing at one time and
Athen_15.696 paeans have, of "Io Paean", as that song written
DiogLaert_10.4 lling him in his letters Paean, and King; [5] and also tha
DiogLaert_10.5 he says, "O lord Paean, my dear Leontion, what tra
Isyll_F the god to whom "Hail, Paean" is sung, you who dwell in
Isyll_G your gifts, Asclepius Paean ; have pity on me." Then
Macedonicus_ a fair sounding tongue. Hail Paean. Put in your hand the
Paean:Delph_2 the rocks, cries forth ['Hail Paean, Hail Paeaní]. And
Paean:Eryth_ Sing, young men, Paean famous for his skill, the far-dar
Philip_16.177 pons of war? To thee the Paean is dear, and golden-haired
Timoth:Pers_196 the great healing-god [Paean] men cry to, beating the

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