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  Pacorus   - son of Orodes; Parthian prince, killed in 38 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
51/40 Parthian army, led by Pacorus, invades Syria.
40/13 The Parthians, led by Pacorus, invade Judaea and set up Antigonus as
38/7 Ventidius defeats and kills Pacorus, the son of the Parthian king,
38/12 overwhelmed by grief, after learning that his son Pacorus has died.
    Within translations:
Festus:Brev_18   engagement, he killed Pacorus, the king's son, on the
Joseph:AJ_14.330-333 *   Now, in the second year, Pacorus, the king of Parthia's
Joseph:AJ_14.340-342 *   ssistance; [340] yet was Pacorus, the general of the Parth
Joseph:AJ_14.347   oposals, and then went away to Pacorus. [348] But as soon
Joseph:AJ_14.349   upon them, he went to Pacorus, and to the most potent
Joseph:AJ_14.434   In the mean time, Pacorus was fallen in a battle, and the
Joseph:AJ_15.12   [12]   Barzapharnes and Pacorus, the generals of the
Joseph:AJ_20.245   when Barzapharnes and Pacorus, the generals of the Part
Joseph:BJ_1.248   among the Parthians, and Pacorus, the king's son, had poss
Joseph:BJ_1.249   out of it. [249] Pacorus was by these means induced so
Joseph:BJ_1.254   Antigonus desired that Pacorus might be admitted to be
Joseph:BJ_1.255   rfidious. However, Pacorus went out and took Hyrcanus with
Joseph:BJ_1.260-263 *   then went [to the other] Pacorus; immediately after which
Joseph:BJ_1.317   out of the country, and Pacorus slain) Ventidius, by Anto
Just_42.4   the Roman army. Pacorus, the son of Orodes, who was sen
Oros_6.18   Syria, and killed their king Pacorus in the battle line on

  Pacorus 2   - king of Parthia, 78-105 A.D.
Wikipedia entry
Plinius:Ep_10.74 as a present by Decebalus to Pacorus, the Parthian king.

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