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  Pachon   - a month in the Egyptian calendar
  + Pachons
3Macc_6 from the twenty-fifth of Pachon to the fourth of Epeiph,
OGIS_186 (62)   tor Philadelphos. Year 19, Pachon 9. → inscrip
PCairZen_59142 ewell. Year 30, Artemisios 10, Pachons 9. Addressed} &
PCairZen_59254 Zenon. Docketed} & Year 34 , Pachons 22. From Phanias
PCairZen_59300 to gather the grapes on Pachons 28; but they are not even
PCairZen_59317 lary: from the months of Pachons to Mesore is four months,
PCairZen_59330 hould know. Farewell. Year 38, Pachons 10. zzzzzFROM IASON
PSI_345 ould occur. Farewell. Year 30, Pachons 25. Addressed} &
PSI_500 Be in good health. Year 29, Pachons 14. Addressed} &
PSI_502 ent to him. Farewell. Year 29, Pachons 15. From Apollonios
SelPap_1.111 the 25th of the month Pachon and was posted to Mise
SelPap_1.16 (13)   rst three months, Pharmouthi, Pachon, and Pauni. Sh
SelPap_1.23 mperator, on the 28th of Pachon, beginning of the 6th
SelPap_1.70 from the present month Pachon, at the monthly inte
SelPap_2.287 ius Severus Pertinax Augustus, Pachon 20. I, Saprion
SelPap_2.304 cording to the usual practice. Pachon 1. Farewell. (Be
SelPap_2.311 nus Augustus, 1st day of Pachon, through Diodorus so
SelPap_2.366 (3rd-2nd cent.)   ite nome for the months Pachon and Pauni of the 7th
SelPap_2.390 months from the first day of Pachon to the thirtiet
SelPap_2.406 the water supply from Pachon of the past 16th yea
THI_259 (217)   on the 1st of Pachon, he moved out from Pelusium

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