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  Orchomenus   - a city in Arcadia, Greece
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
303/14 inth, and then Bura, Scyrus, Orchomenus, and other cities in the Pelo
234/9 decree about the admission of Orchomenus into the Achaean League.
226/4 Aratus defeats and captures Megistonous at Orchomenus.
223/10 Antigonus captures Orchomenus.
    Within translations:
AntipThes_6.109 eolaidas, an Arcadian of Orchomenus, gives to you, Pan the
Plut:Arat_38 he led the Achaeans to Orchomenus, where he gave battle
Plut:Arat_45 suffered him to pillage Orchomenus and place in it a Mace
Plut:Cleom_4 night to surprise Tegea and Orchomenus. However, the
Plut:Cleom_7 in a store of provisions at Orchomenus, and then besieg
Plut:Cleom_23 ken Tegea, and plundered Orchomenus and Mantineia, Cleomen
Plut:Cleom_26 and then proceeded by Orchomenus; by which means he not
Syll_559 (c. 207/6)   ilar decrees: Tegea Orchomenos Methydrion & Kaph

  Orchomenus 2   - a city in Boeotia, Greece
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
  + Orchomenians
284/6d reement between the cavalry of Orchomenus and Chaeroneia in Boeotia.
223/16 the repayment of a loan given by Nicareta to the city of Orchomenus.
86/40 the command of Dorylaus, but it is defeated by Sulla at Orchomenus.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_17.10 neighbourhood of Orchomenus* they abound.] In Libya
AnthPal_6.116 you, Heracles, sacker of Orchomenus, did Philip dedicate
Athen_14.651 which grows in the lake Orchomenus, in the water itself;
Just_11.3 lataeans, Thespians, and Orchomenians, who were the allies
Mnasalcas_7.54 ged by the test of wisdom. * & Orchomenus. [7.171] & { G-P
Polyaen_2.1.18 tly sent orders to Orchomenus, an allied city which was
Polyaen_4.7.11 ced it, was delivered at Orchomenus to the Boeotarchs; and
Polyaen_8.9.2 an engagement at Orchomenus with Archelaus general of
SEG_28.461 (287-280)   das was archon of the Orchomenians, and Timasitheos
Syll_519 (c. 222/1)   okrates Aristion of Orchomenos, the son of Kallip
THI_125 (223)   he decree of the people {of Orchomenos}. [B]  
THI_126 (230-210)   archos was archon in Orchomenos, in the month of Th
THI_64 (263-236)   bsp;     . . . of Orchomenos . . .  

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