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  Oppius   (Mons Oppius) - a hill in Rome
Wikipedia entry
CIL_1.1003 .1003 On the Mons Oppius, Rome. Tablet of

  Oppius 7   (Q. Oppius) - Roman proconsul, who fought against Mithridates
88/24 ree of Aphrodisias authorising immediate aid to be sent to Q.Oppius.
88/25 The inhabitants of Laodiceia hand over Q.Oppius to Mithridates.
84/18 IAph_8.2, a letter of Q.Oppius to the city of Aphrodisias.
    Within translations:
Athen_5.213 in Pamphylia, Quintus Oppius, has been surrendered to
GranLic_27 uld release the envoys Q.Oppius and M'.Aquilius, and he

  Oppius 9   (P. Oppius) - Roman quaestor, 74 B.C.
73/35 Cotta dismisses Oppius from his post as pro-quaestor.

  Oppius 10   (C. Oppius) - a friend and assistant of Julius Caesar
Wikipedia entry
44/82 Cic:Fam_11.29, a letter from Cicero to Oppius.

  Oppius 13   - Roman aedile, 37 B.C.
37/4 ople of Rome donate money to M.Oppius, to enable him to stay in offic

  Oppius 17   Statianus - legate of M.Antonius, 36 B.C.
36/11 egions, under the command of Oppius Statianus, is destroyed by the

  Oppius   - in documents
CIL_1.2239 CIL_1 .2239 Lucius Oppius and others. On a
CIL_1.384 CIL_1 .384 Lucius Oppius. On stone. Foun

Oppiussee Cornicen

Oppiussee Opimius2

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