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  Onomarchus   - tyrant of Phocis, 353-352 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Athen_6.232 of Delphi, says, "But Onomarchus and Phayllus and Phala
Athen_13.605 icted to women; but that Onomarchus used to select boys
Just_8.1 impious blood. 14 Onomarchus was made general in his stea
Just_8.2 .2] & & To oppose Onomarchus, the Thebans and Thessalians
Polyaen_2.38.1 Frontinus, Str_1.2'8] [38] & Onomarchus. When the Boeoti
Polyaen_2.38.2 battle. & When Onomarchus was fighting against the Mac

  Onomarchus 2   - the keeper of Eumenes, after he was captured by Antigonus
Plut:Eum_18 umenes asked his keeper, Onomarchus, "Why Antigonus, now

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