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  Omphale   - queen of Lydia in the time of Heracles
Wikipedia entry
AnthPal_16.103 of your heavy labours. * & By Omphale. [104] Philippus
AnthPal_6.358 ainty frock, that Lydian Omphale doffed to go to the bed
Athen_6.245 even Heracles went from Omphale to Hebe." And when Phyrom
Athen_6.258 rupled to quote from the Omphale of Ion the tragedian, and
Athen_6.267 Achaeus, in his Omphale, speaking of the Satyr, says
Athen_14.634 But Ion of Chios, in his Omphale, speaks of it as if it
ElegMaec_1.69 with the mouth! Lydian Omphale beat you for leaving too

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