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  Olynthus   - a Greek city near the peninsula of Pallene, in Chalcidice
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  + Olynthian , Olynthians
Aelian:NA_16.30 [30] & Callisthenes of Olynthus asserts that in Lycia
AntipThes_7.625 the son of Calligenes of Olynthus, who could make his way
Arrian:Fr_9 taken to Epicydes the Olynthian at Teuchira, which had
Athen_6.240 Weaver. And in his Olynthians he says - & This is your poo
Athen_12.537 the Great, Ephippus the Olynthian, in his treatise on the
Athen_13.591 us; as also Satyrus, the Olynthian actor, was a parasite
Athen_4.146 friends, as Ephippus the Olynthian relates in his book on
Demetr:Eloc_263 e.g. `I pass over Olynthus, Methone, Apollonia, and the
Just_2.14 the meantime, Mardonius took Olynthus by storm. He also
Just_7.4 ontests with the Illyrians and Olynthians. He would have
Just_8.3 after he fell upon the Olynthians, because, after the
Philoch_* 49-53 * wrote the Rhetoric after the Olynthian War. Now that war
Philoch_156 their reinforcements to Olynthus at the instance of Demos
Plut:Mor_178 & Lasthenes the Olynthian and his friends being aggriev
Plut:Mor_842 use of the help of an Olynthian named Euclides, one ver
Plut:Mor_845 rdice of the Thebans and Olynthians, he stood up in their
Plut:Mor_851 at Pydna, Methone, and Olynthus; that himself had mainta
Polyaen_3.10.7 Timotheus was passing by Olynthus, in order to avoid being
Polyaen_5.44.1 itharode, Aristonicus of Olynthus, the most celebrated art
PsCallisth_1.19 the fifth Aristippus the Olynthian, the sixth Pierus the
PsCallisth_1.31 cratitan and Craterus of Olynthus, also one called Heron,
PsCallisth_1.44 arrived at Bottia and Olynthus and sacked all the count
THI_60 (285/4)   former territory of Olynthos at Trapezous, 360 pl

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