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  Nile   - a river flowing through Egypt
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320/12 suffer heavy casualties while trying to cross the Nile near Memphis.
306/21 Antigonus invades Egypt, and advances as far as the Nile.
274/21a emaeus and Arsinoe visit the Nile Delta, and discuss the defence
269/4 ructs a canal between the delta of the river Nile and the Red Sea.
246/17 the obelisk of Necthebis down the Nile and erects it at Alexandria.
204/13a ucts two enormous ships, one for the sea and one for the river Nile.
47/14 Ptolemy is defeated and killed in a battle by the river Nile.
47/24 Caesar goes on a cruise up the river Nile with Cleopatra.
    Within translations:
[Tib]:PanMes_135 nor that where flows the Nile or the king's stream Choaspe
Aelian:NA_2.1 and to set out for the Nile, longing for the warmth and
Aelian:NA_2.38 serpents that come down the Nile when in flood and dest
Aelian:NA_2.48 which live beside the Nile at first appear to be beggin
Aelian:NA_3.33 produce twins. The Nile is said to be the cause of this,
Aelian:NA_5.23 who draw water from the Nile: they cover themselves with
Aelian:NA_5.52 asps have their holes by the Nile on either bank. Most
Aelian:NA_5.53 ses are nurslings of the Nile, and when the crops are ripe
Aelian:NA_6.53 ead the creatures in the Nile, thirst compels them to drin
Aelian:NA_9.18 ng. [18] & By the Nile there grows a herb, and it goes
Aelian:NA_10.19 origin in this: when the Nile is about to rise and overflo
Aelian:NA_* 10.43-46 * the hottest summer the Nile in flood gives the fields
Aelian:NA_11.10 marks indicate when the Nile will rise and the shape of
Aelian:NA_11.40 with four heads, and the Nile overflowed as never before
Aelian:NA_12.4 heard. Before the Nile inundates Egypt and comes up over
Aelian:NA_12.29 an immense multitude of Nile Perch, and these are tame
AnthPal_11.348 make trial of the Nile, too, but he nourishes in his eddi
AnthPal_6.328 isopsepha, so that the Nile may despatch through Greece
AnthPal_7.477 lie is not beside the Nile, but that you are laid in
AnthPal_9.350 fts from the headland that the Nile waters. Do not, Dionys
AnthPal_9.352 ANDRIA & { F 29 } & The Nile & keeps festival by the hol
AnthPal_9.707 in Thrace, and we deem, Nile, that the bearer of the crop
Aristeas_116 The river like the Nile rises in harvest- time and irrigat
Arrian:Fr_9 Ptolemy crossed the Nile to visit the kings, upon who
Athen_2.45 her water from the river Nile, in order that his child mig
Athen_5.203 the Golden Stream the Nile, which together with its bou
Athen_6.242 of Cecrops; even by the Nile & Is found at times a plant
Athen_8.345 scover the source of the Nile; and that he accustomed othe
Athen_11.497 feasting, & Such as the Nile, the king of flowing rivers,
Athen_13.596 ong as any ship sails down the Nile. Archedice also was
Athen_14.651 another plant like it in the Nile, which grows without
Bianor_9.252 from the bank into the deep Nile. But they continued
Crinag_7.645 Shall your tomb be (?) by the Nile conspicuous in the reg
Crinag_9.235 which the full stream of Nile separates from the black Aet
Demetr:Eloc_121 escribing the cataracts of the Nile or the mouth of the
Diod_33.28b provided by the river Nile, the number of the cities,
DioscEpigr_7.166 rica on the banks of the Nile with her twin babes rests
DioscEpigr_7.708 imes on the banks of the Nile, too, the strong-scented thy
DioscEpigr_7.76 and. And there the Nile running in high flood stripped him
DioscEpigr_9.568 & { G-P 34 } & Nile, rising in vast volume, you have
ElegMaec_1.17 c-stricken to the mouth of the Nile. Peace came : its leis
Euseb]:Chron_139 legend that the river Nile flowed for eleven days with
Hieron:Chron_1970 was discovered in the river Nile. [not in Ar.] Caesar
Just_2.1 ninhabitable, unless the Nile were excluded) could not be
Nicarch_7.166 rica on the banks of the Nile with her twin babes rests
OGIS_168 (115)   stream where] the great god Nile wells up, and came
Poseidon_78 supposed to cause the Nile to flood in the summer."
Poseidon_79 ich causes the flooding of the Nile. [80] [223.K] & Strab_
POxy_1380 p~isis_hymns.html#6 who also bring back the Nile over every country ; the bea
PsCallisth_1.1 the course of the river Nile, determined the places of
PsCallisth_1.8 on a papyrus from the Nile and sealed it with a golden
PsCallisth_2.4 on the overflow of the Nile and the cultivation of the
PsCallisth_2.9 tes, which flow into the river Nile. The tradition is that
PsCallisth_3.34 a city near the Nile on the streams of the ocean, (?)
SelPap_2.225 flood of the most sacred Nile auspiciously approach
SelPap_2.402 image-bearers of the god Nile 20 drachmae, to image-be
SelPap_2.403 ifice to the most sacred Nile on Pauni 30 : 1 calf, 2

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