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  Nicanor   - a Macedonian who lived during the reign of Philippus II
Plut:Mor_177 Smicythus accused Nicanor for one that commonly spoke evi

  Nicanor 2   - an officer in the army of Cassander
Wikipedia entry
319/20 Nicanor is sent to Athens by Cassander and gains control of the fort
318/2 Nicanor captures Peiraeus, with the collusion of Phocion.
318/32 Nicanor suffers an initial defeat, but by the intervention of Antigon
317/3 Cassander puts Nicanor to death.
    Within translations:
Athen_12.542   was himself staying with Nicanor; and he was accused of
Nepos_19.2   warned by Dercylus that Nicanor, one of Cassander's prefects,
Nepos_19.3   betrayed the Piraeus to Nicanor, was imprisoned by the
Plut:Eum_17   his own girdle. Nicanor was sent by Antigonus to receiv
Plut:Phoc_31-33 *   er, and immediately sent Nicanor to take the command of
Polyaen_4.6.8   and thirty ships, and placed Nicanor in command of them.
Polyaen_4.11.2   Cassander, knowing that Nicanor, governor of Munichia,

  Nicanor 3   - Macedonian governor of Media
Wikipedia entry
311/30 Seleucus defeats Nicanor and gains control of Media.
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_9   ppadocia was assigned to Nicanor; Greater Phrygia, Lycaoni
Plin:HN_6.117   which was founded by Nicanor when Governor of Mesopotamia,

  Nicanor 4   - an officer in the army of Demetrius Poliorcetes
Polyaen_4.7.4 entered the harbour with Nicanor in one of the small vesse

  Nicanor 5   - a nephew of Seleucus I of Syria
Malal_198 appointed Nicomedes and Nicanor to govern the whole of

  Nicanor 6   - an Egyptian official in the reign of Ptolemy II
Aristeas_182 banquet. [182] And Nicanor summoned the lord high steward,
Joseph:AJ_12.94 reception of strangers, Nicanor by name, called for Dorot

  Nicanor 7   - a Galatian, who killed Seleucus III of Syria
Euseb]:Chron_253 led by a Galatian called Nicanor, in about the first year
Porph:Fr_44 against and killed by Nicanor and Apaturius in the thir

  Nicanor 8   - a Syrian general who fought against the Jews; killed in 160 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
161/8 Nicanor enters Judaea with a large Syrian force and is defeated by
161/9 Nicanor agrees peace terms with Judas, but makes threats against the
160/3 Nicanor is defeated and killed at Adasa.
    Within translations:
1Macc_3 son of Dorymenes, and Nicanor and Gorgias, mighty men
1Macc_7 Then the king sent Nicanor, one of his honoured princes,
1Macc_9 hen Demetrius heard that Nicanor and his army had fallen
2Macc_8 maeus promptly appointed Nicanor the son of Patroclus, one
2Macc_9 him of what had happened to Nicanor and the forces of
2Macc_* 12-15 * and in addition to these Nicanor the governor of Cyprus,
Joseph:AJ_12.261 of the country, and to Nicanor, the procurator of thy
Joseph:AJ_12.262 epistle: "King Antiochus to Nicanor. The Sidonians, who
Joseph:AJ_12.298 son of Dorymenes, and Nicanor, and Gorgias, very potent
Joseph:AJ_* 12.402-409 * great, sent against him Nicanor, the most kind and most
Joseph:AJ_12.420 informed of the death of Nicanor, and of the destruction
MegTaan_12 the 13th thereof is the day of Nicanor. & On the 14th

  Nicanor 9   - son of Euphemus; an Ephesian offical, 1st century B.C.
Joseph:AJ_14.262 was made by the people: Nicanor, the son of Euphemus, pro

  Nicanor 10   - a follower of the philosopher Epicurus
DiogLaert_10.20 them also take care of Nicanor, as we ourselves have don

  Nicanor 11   - high priest of Asia Minor during the reign of Antiochus III
209/3a from Aeneas, concerning the appointment of Nicanor as high priest.
    Within translations:
SEG_33.1184 (196)   Hyperberetaios, when Nikanor was the high-priest, a

  Nicanor   - in documents
AnthPal_6.357 ones ? & B. I am Nicanor, and my father is Aepioretus,
AntipThes_7.286 { G-P 14 } & Unhappy Nicanor, wasted by the grey sea,
OGIS_196 (32)   s, Labyon, Terentius, Nicanor, and Baronas - and on
OGIS_21 (305-285)   Sarapis and Isis by Nikanor and Nikandros of the
OGIS_59 (163)   enos Aristopolis Nikakrates Nikanor Megalles son of
PCairZen_59057 To the hipparch, the son of Nikanor, Alexandros. zzzzzF
PCairZen_59093 Concerning the pony, we asked Nikanor to buy it for us.
PCairZen_59160 Please write to Nikanor about the olive oil which we
PLond_1948 you instructed me to report to Nikanor and Antiochos, we
PSI_495 Zoilos . . . and Nikanor when he came to Ptolemais met
SEG_35.665 (c. 160)   son of Kallon Nikanor son of Chytron Menelaos son o
Syll_444 (c. 247-240)   kidas, Polykleitos, Nikanor, Pantainetos, Dion, A
Syll_459 (248/7)   ters Chartas son of Nikanor and Attylos son of Ni
Syll_483 (c. 264/3)   follows: Aetolians: Nikanor, Philoxenos, Nikophon,
Syll_485 (soon after 235/4)   kis Menekles of Argos Nikanor of Macedonia Aristod
Syll_488 (c. 263/2)   follows: Aetolians: Nikanor, Philoxenos, Euryas,
Syll_680 (c. 143)   acedonia, the son of Nikanor, dedicates this statue
THI_59 (181/0)   orandum submitted to me by Nikanor the tetrarch and
THI_64 (263-236)   Macedonia the son of Nikanor     ;  
THI_94 (c. 266-260)   Petraios, Nikolaos, Nikanor, ...atinos Boeotians: E

Nicanorsee Demetrius4

Nicanorsee Seleucus

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