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  Nervii   - a tribe of the Belgae, living in northern Gaul
Wikipedia entry
57/27 The Nervii make a surprise attack on Caesar's army, but they are defe
54/50 besieges Q.Cicero in his winter camp in the territory of the Nervii.
53/14 Caesar forces the Nervii and Senones to submit.
Oros_6.7   twelve towns. 13 The Nervii likewise had fifty thousand
Oros_6.10   with the Eburones and Nervii, to overwhelm Caesar. 11
Plin:HN_4.106   the Catoslugi, Atrebates, Nervii (a free people),
ValMax_3.2.19   multitude and fury of the Nervii, taking a shield out of

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