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  Neocles   - the father of the philosopher Epicurus
Aelian:NA_7.27 rd. And the son of Neocles* taught the Athenians to sacr
AnthPal_7.72 you twin-born sons of Neocles, of whom the one saved
DiogLaert_10.1 Athenian, and the son of Neocles and Chaerestrate, of the
DiogLaert_10.12 lesson the wise child of Neocles & Had learnt by ear, inst

  Neocles 2   - the brother of the philosopher Epicurus
DiogLaert_10.3 ies, his three brothers, Neocles, Chaeredemus, and Aristob
DiogLaert_10.28 es; one on Just Dealing; Neocles; one essay addressed to

  Neocles   - in documents
PsCallisth_3.17 achaon, Theodectes, Diiphilus, Neocles, ten in all. The
SEG_19.504 document makes clear, Neocles was a member of the J

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