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  Nemesis   - a Greek divinity, symbolising retribution
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Aelian:Fr_160   {163 DF} & & Suda_N'163 & & Nemesis the overseer of dee
Aelian:Fr_228   & Suda_A'523 & & Adrasteian Nemesis. [229] & {228 DF}
Aelian:Fr_232   DF} & & Suda_N'163 & & Nemesis pursues braggarts with
Aelian:Fr_233   {232 DF} & & Suda_N'163 & & Nemesis opposes the arrogan
Aelian:Fr_247   DF} & & Suda_E'1473 & & Nemesis pursues braggarts with
AnthPal_6.283   never bowed the knee to Nemesis, the dread goddess, now
AnthPal_9.103   the name. Well has Nemesis borne you in mind, Ilium, since
AnthPal_9.260   but a witness to all of the Nemesis of years. No, by
AnthPal_9.405   asteia preserve you, and Nemesis, the maiden who treads
AnthPal_10.123   ood befall a man, an answering Nemesis succeeds it. [124]
AnthPal_12.12   lovers, is in love with a boy. Nemesis is swift. [14] Dios
AnthPal_12.140   but spoken the word and Nemesis seized me, and at once
AnthPal_12.160   you, Adrasteia, and you, Nemesis, bitterest of the immorta
AnthPal_16.222   & { Ph 15 } & On the Nemesis of the Athenians I, the
AnthPal_16.263   ous & { F 71 } & On the Nemesis of Phidias The Persians
Antiphil_7.630   things are unnoticed by the Nemesis that is the foe of
Athen_14.629   name by Cratinus in his Nemesis, and by Cephisodorus in
Meleager_12.33   not only on the cheeks that Nemesis grows. * & Such wer
Meleager_12.141   re, lo ! indignant Nemesis has exposed you, once so volubl
OGIS_342   (110/09) and the statue of Isis Nemesis on behalf of the people
PsCallisth_2.22   fear, reverence Nemesis, the omniscient, and Dike {Just
SEG_8.269   vage fire, Charmadas, and some Nemesis has overthrown
THI_39   (235/4)   for the sacrifice to Nemesis and to the king from h

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