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  Mytilene   - a city on the island of Lesbos
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  + Mitylene , Mytilenean , Mytileneans , Mytilenian
324/38 BD_5 (OGIS_2), a decree of Mytilene concerning exiles.
312/_ pic victor in the stadion race: Parmenides (? Parmenion) of Mytilene
309/6 Epicurus starts teaching at Mytilene, and then at Lampsacus.
138/22 fully, and employs eminent teachers including Diophanes of Mytilene.
133/12a dispute between Pitane and Mytilene by arbitrators from Pergamon.
88/26 The inhabitants of Mytilene hand over M'.Aquillius to Mithridates,
88/32 Rutilius escapes from Mytilene to Smyrna.
80/14 der Thermus capture and sack Mytilene; C.Caesar wins an award for brav
62/22 Pompeius visits Mytilene, where he honours Theophanes, and Rhodes,
47/30 Brutus visits M.Marcellus in exile, at Mytilene.
46/98 Syll_764, a letter from Caesar to the city of Mytilene.
40/37 Theophanes of Mytilene is awarded divine honours after his death.
34/21 Sherk_47g, a dedication at Mytilene in honour of the proconsul M.Tit
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_14.29 the poems of a man of Mytilene, an acquaintance of my
AnthPal_7.718 Stranger, if you sail to Mytilene, the city of lovely danc
AntipSid_7.81 Periander is hers. Mytilene bore Pittacus and fair Priene
Apollod:Fr_27 _1'79 (Pittacus) & Pittacus of Mytilene. [28] & DiogLaert_
Apollod:Fr_38 him before returning to Mytilene in the archonship of Eub
Arrian:Fr_9 Syria to Laomedon the Mytilenean; Cilicia to Philoxenus
Athen_12.538 cuse, and Heracleitus of Mytilene; after whom also Alexis
Athen_13.575 beauty, when Chares of Mytilene, in the tenth book of
Athen_13.606 Ctesicles; as Adaeus of Mytilene tells us in his treatise
Athen_14.635 was very much used at Mitylene, so that one of the Muse
Callim:Epigr_1 thus asked Pittacus of Mytilene, the son of Hyrrhas :
Cic:Brut_104 youth, by Diophanes of Mytilene, who was the most eloque
Cic:Brut_250 saw him lately at Mytilene; and then (as I have already
Diod_37.27 quilius, who had fled to Mytilene, and was receiving treat
DiogLaert_10.7 that to the philosophers at Mytilene. He also says that
DiogLaert_10.15 rst set up his school at Mytilene, and after that at Lamps
DiogLaert_10.17 to it to Hermarchus, of Mytilene, the son of Agemortus;
DiogLaert_10.24 essor was Hermarchus, of Mytilene, the son of Agemortus
DiogLaert_10.136 and in his Letter against the Mytilenian Philosophers.
Euseb]:Chron_203 476 B.C.] - Scamander of Mytilene, stadion race 77th [472
Euseb]:Chron_205 B.C.] - Parmenides of Mytilene, stadion race 118th [308
Euseb]:Chron_215 [45 A.D.] - Valerius of Mytilene, stadion race 207th [49
Just_13.4 ds. 12 Laomedon of Mytilene was allotted Syria, which bord
OGIS_335 (150-133)   dispute, since the Mytileneans also [have agreed to
Phld:Epigr_11.34 my gullet with wine of Mytilene and mate me with a virgi
Polyaen_1.44.1 teonicus the Laconian at Mytilene, a light-horseman arrive
Polyaen_1.48.2 and pursued almost to Mytilene; but when Conon observed
Polyaen_1.48.4 hen he was blocked up in Mytilene by the Lacedaemonians,
Polyaen_3.9.23 rates spread a report at Mytilene, that he intended shortl
Syll_509 (225 or 221)   harode: Archeanax of Mytilene, the son of Zo&ium
THI_61.D (173-169)   nd:   Machaon of Mytilene, the son of Agenomos
THI_64 (263-236)   bsp; Herakleitos of Mitylene the son of Metrias

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