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  Myron   of Eleutherae - Greek sculptor, 5th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Aelian:NA_17.Epilogue statue of a calf, as it did Myron;* or take any other
AnthPal_* 9.715-718 * F 17 } & 715-742 are all on Myron's celebrated Statue
AntipSid_9.720 { G-P 36 } & On Myron's Statue of a Heifer If Myron had
AntipSid_9.723 thanks to you, sculptor Myron, I would be nibbling lotus
AntipSid_9.724 living creatures, but you too, Myron. [10.2] & { G-P 41
AntipThes_9.728 { G-P 84 } & On Myron's Statue of a Heifer The heifer,
Cic:Brut_70 ven the statues of Myron are not sufficiently alive; and
Cic:Brut_75 statue that was ever formed by Myron. [76] Ennius, I allow
DioscEpigr_9.734 ifeless. The sculptor of cows, Myron, deceived you. [11.19
Ennius:Ann_231 as though it were a work of Myron. I grant you, to be
LeonTar_9.719 { G-P 88 } & On Myron's Statue of a Heifer Myron did
MArgent_9.732 his message, that the sculptor Myron tied me up here. [10.
Philip_9.742 iron furrow-cutter ; for Myron did not make my bronze into

  Myron 2   of Priene - author of a history of the Messenian wars
Wikipedia entry
Athen_6.271 pre-eminent valour." And Myron of Priene, in the second
Athen_14.657 ence, is related also by Myron of Priene, in the second

  Myron   - in documents
THI_99.L (2nd century)   epiades of Perge, the son of Myron. It was resolved

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