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  Mummius 3   (L. Mummius) - Roman consul, 146 B.C.
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  + Lucius
153/4 The Lusitani defeat Mummius.
153/10 ake raids into neighbouring territories, but are checked by Mummius.
152/3 The triumph of L.Mummius, over the Lusitani.
146/_ Consuls: Cn. Cornelius Cn.f. Lentulus, L. Mummius L.f.
146/26 Mummius arrives in Greece and takes over the command from Metellus.
146/27 Mummius defeats the Achaeans at the Isthmus.
146/32 Mummius loots and destroys Corinth, allegedly causing "Corinthian bro
145/7 Mummius goes on a tour of Greek cities.
145/26 The triumph of Mummius, who brings many paintings and statues back
142/12 Mummius donates many statues and paintings, brought back from the sac
142/13 ship of Scipio Africanus and Mummius; Scipio speaks out against C.Lic
140/16 L.Mummius is unable to afford a dowry for his daughter.
    Within translations:
AnthPal_7.297 POLYSTRATUS & { H 2 } & Lucius & has smitten sore the
AntipSid_9.603 ian women by Praxiteles, which Mummius transferred to Rome
Cic:Brut_94 in being:- the style of Lucius is plain and antiquated;
CIL_1.626 Lucius Mummius, consul 146 B.C., triumphe
CIL_1.630 Another dedication of Lucius Mummius. Found at Ita
FastCap_p70 elius Cn.f. L.n. Lentulus , L. Mummius L.f. L. n. [145]
Festus:Brev.7 ptured by the proconsul Lucius Mummius, all Achaea was obt
Just_34.2 duct of it to the consul Mummius, who, conveying over his
Syll_676 (146)   Elis honours Lucius Mummius, son of Lucius, the gen

  Mummius 4   (Sp.Mummius) - the brother of L.Mummius
Cic:Brut_94 rothers L. and Sp. Mummius, both whose orations are still
Just_38.8 cipio Africanus, Spurius Mummius, and Lucius Metellus, who

  Mummius 7   - an officer of Crassus, who was defeated by Spartacus
72/48 his army, after his subordinate Mummius is defeated by Spartacus.

  Mummius   - in documents
CIL_1.1747 IX, 2230). Lucius Mummius son of Lucius, and Gaius Ma

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