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  Mithridatic   Wars - the wars between Rome and Mithridates VI
Wikipedia entry
107/10 Nicomedes - regarded by some as the start of the Mithridatic Wars.
83/25 embassy from Mithridates: the start of the "second Mithridatic war".
74/22 ithridates invades Bithynia: the start of the third Mithridatic war.
Appian,- APPIAN, Mithridatica
    Within translations:
Athen_6.272   about the time of the Mithridatic war, prevailed on a
Athen_8.332   ygia, at the time of the Mithridatic wars, there were some
Cic:Brut_312   men, for their services in the Mithridatic war. My defence
CIL_1.2513   and after the end of the First Mithridatic War of 8
Festus:Brev_16   had been dispatched to a Mithridatic War, having attacked
Just_42.3   soldiers of Pompeius in the Mithridatic war as their
Just_42.4   formed with him in the Mithridatic war, and because of
Oros_6.1   28 The Mithridatic or, to be more exact,
Plin:HN_6.51   of the river during the Mithridatic War doubtless the size of
SEG_47.1125   (90/89)   ttle before the first Mithridatic War, because afte

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