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  Messene   - a city in Messenia, Greece
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303/15 Nicodemus of Messene transfers his support from Cassander to Demetriu
295/24 Demetrius is wounded while besieging Messene.
239/4e Syll_472, a decree of Messene confirming shared citizenship with Phig
220/12 Hagesidamus of Messene wins the pancration contest at the Olympic Gam
214/12 Aratus persuades Philippus to spare Messene.
214/25 Demetrius of Pharus dies in an attack on Messene.
201/8 Nabis attacks Messene.
191/21 the general of the Achaean League, to abandon the siege of Messene.
183/1a Deinocrates, an envoy from Messene, seeks to gain the support of Flam
182/1 The Achaean League declares war on Messene.
182/13 Messene surrenders to the Achaeans.
181/2 ously to the decisions of the Roman senate about Messene and Sparta.
138/32 ion by Milesian arbitrators in a dispute between Messene and Sparta.
48/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Theodorus of Messene
44/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Theodorus of Messene (II)
    Within translations:
AnthPal_16.1 I am no wrestler from Messene or from Argos ; Sparta,
AnthPal_7.435 fell before the wall of Messene, and our seventh brother
Athen_5.211 school at Athens, and at Messene, and also at Larissa in
Athen_6.271 istory of the Affairs of Messene, says, "The Lacedaemonian
Athen_14.657 book of his History of Messene, where he says - 'They
Euseb]:Chron_213 [48 B.C.] - Theodorus of Messene, stadion race [At this
Euseb]:Chron_275 lympiad, when Daïcles of Messene was victor in the foot
Just_3.4 turn till they had taken Messene, promising themselves so
Plut:Arat_47 Dyme, and then proceeded to Messene, and laid waste its
Plut:Cleom_5 brother of Agis, from Messene, to whom, in the other
Plut:Cleom_12 were on the road from Messene ; upon which he built a
Plut:Cleom_24 rest having retired to Messene with their wives and chil
Plut:Demetr_33 eloponnesus, and laid siege to Messene. In one of the ass
Plut:Mor_194 red the like, - to build Messene two hundred and thirty
Polyaen_1.6.1 three parts: Argos, Sparta and Messene. While they were
SEG_58.370 (180-170)   ree {of Messene}. Since, when the
Syll_653 (c. 165)   ive Hera the city of Messene, with a golden crown
THI_64 (263-236)   bsp; Eudaimokles of Messene the son of Eudaimon

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