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  Mennaeus   - father of Ptolemy the tyrant of Chalcis, 1st century B.C.
49/69 but his brothers are protected by Ptolemy the son of Mennaeus.
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_13.392 hatred they bare to Ptolemy Mennaeus. He also made then
Joseph:AJ_13.418 olemaeus, who was called Mennaeus, who was such a bad neig
Joseph:AJ_14.39 country of Ptolemy Mennaeus, a wicked man, and not
Joseph:AJ_14.126 Ptolemy, the son of Mennaeus, who was the ruler of
Joseph:AJ_14.297 Ptolemy, the son of Mennaeus, brought back into Judae
Joseph:AJ_14.307 and Josephus, the son of Mennaeus, and Alexander, the son
Joseph:AJ_14.330 emaeus, the son of Mennaeus, also was now dead, and Lysani
Joseph:BJ_01.103 Ptolemy, the son of Mennaeus, invited Aretas [to take
Joseph:BJ_01.185 emaeus, the son of Mennaeus, who was then ruler of Chalcis
Joseph:BJ_01.248 Ptolemy, the son of Mennaeus, in the government [of

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