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  Massilia   - a city on the Mediterranean coast of Gaul; the modern Marseilles
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  + Massilians
195/16 honour of Hegesias, who had served as an envoy to Massilia and Rome.
150/11 Aemilianus passes through Massilia and other cities, and makes enq
129/25 The Massilians intercede on behalf of the Phocaeans.
125/6 Massilia appeals for help against the Salluvii, and the senate sends
82/34 Sicily, including Ariston of Massilia and Diodorus of Lilybaeum, with
82/55 L.Scipio goes into exile at Massilia.
49/36 ates with the inhabitants of Massilia, after they refuse to receive
49/41 Caesar attacks Massilia, but is unable to capture it quickly.
49/50 D.Brutus defeats the inhabitants of Massilia in a naval battle.
49/59 Massilia surrenders to Caesar after a long siege.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_5.38   statement of Charmis of Massilia I learn that the nightin
Aelian:NA_13.16   Celts and the people of Massilia and all those in Liguria
Athen_4.152   from the country about Massilia; and this is drunk unmix
Athen_12.523   war; but the people of Massilia became very effeminate,
Athen_13.576   his Constitution of the Massilians, mentions a similar
Cic:Rep_1.43   man ; even though the Massilians, now under our protection, are
Just_37.1   prisoner, the people of Massilia sent ambassadors to
Just_43.3-5 *   Gaul, built the city of Massilia amidst the Ligurians and
OGIS_456.A   (c. 20) and Brundisium and Tarraco and Ma[ssalia . ] and Antioch near
Oros_4.20   had survived this battle, the Massilians took it upon themselves to
Oros_5.15   this treasure under guard to Massilia, a city friendly to the
Oros_6.15   the Alps rapidly, came to Massilia.
Oros_7.28   was seized and killed at Massilia.
Sosyl_1   of all the ships of the Massilians, who were the first
Syll_585   (197-175)   s: [10] Theodoros of Massilia, son of Heronax
ValMax_2.6.7   [6.7]   The Massilians likewise to this day retain
ValMax_2.6.9   to the city of the Massilians, from whence this digression made
ValMax_3.2.22   held a ship of the Massilians took hold of the vessel

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