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  Mars   - the Roman god of war, equivalent of the Greek Ares
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  + Gradivus , Marmar , Marmor , Martian , Mavors
99/7 Omens, including the movement of the spears of Mars in the Regia.
42/26 ute a festival and a temple of Mars Ultor when the war is completed.
    Within translations:
AnthPal_3.19 ruelty of Amulius. Mars had seduced her, and they were his
CIL_10.809 at Pompeii. Romulus, son of Mars. He [founded] the
CIL_1.2 And let not bane and bale, O Marmar, assail more f
CIL_1.18 completed this as sacred to Mars. CIL_1 .20
CIL_1.47 Herius; something sacred for Mars. [b] Gaius Placen
CIL_1.49 ne, son of Gaius, gave this to Mavors out of spoils. C
CIL_1.1513 of Servius bought this with Mars' money. CIL_1 .801
CIL_1.609 Rome. 211 B.C. To Mars, given by Marcus Claudius, con
CIL_add.7 (early 1st cent.)   Business. To Mars on the Slope; to Juno on the C
CIL_add.8 (1st cent. A.D.)   is . . . [the Sabines call Mars] by the name of Qu
Diod_37.11 Jupiter , Vesta of Rome, Mars the patron of the city , Sol
ElegMaec_1.17 ing of those ways : when Mars sits idle, everything beseem
Ennius:Ann_60 inerva Ceres Diana Venus Mars Mercurius Jovis Neptunus Vul
Ennius:Ann_63 & Jupiter foretells to Mars that only one of his sons
Ennius:Ann_111 ales - Nerio, consort of Mars, and Here likewise if he has
FastTr_explanation kings, such as Romulus son of Mars. The official position
FastTr_p90 752/1 & Romulus, son of Mars, king, & over the Caeninense
Festus:Brev.27 engagement to a harsher Mars was fought nine times, seven
GranLic_13 ed. 20 A statue of Mars was said to have fallen on its hea
Just_2.4 hat they were the daughters of Mars. 14 After subduing the
Just_43.2 ly, in a grove sacred to Mars, she gave birth to two boys,
Lucill_11.160 oroscopes from observing Mars and Saturn are deserving of
Ovid:Cons_21 heap with gifts our sire Gradivus, and all the gods whom
Ovid:Cons_221 gods alone are owed by Martian Rome.' Thus sang the godd
Plinius:Ep_7.9 either with the form of Mars or chaste Minerva, or repres
Polyaen_8.2.1 Romulus, sons of Mars and Sylvia, formed a design agains
SelPap_1.199 Aries, Saturn in Cancer, Mars in Leo, Venus and Moo
SelPap_1.200 osition and subtractive; Mars in Leo at the beginning;

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