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  Marcellus   (M. Claudius Marcellus) - Roman consul, 331 B.C.
FastCap_p44   otitus , M. Claudius C.f. C.n. Marcellus . . . dictator:
Oros_3.10   the consulship of Claudius Marcellus and Valerius Flaccus 331

  Marcellus 2   (M. Claudius Marcellus) - Roman consul, 287 B.C.
287/_ Consuls: M. Claudius M.f. Marcellus, C. Nautius Rutilus

  Marcellus 4   (M. Claudius Marcellus) - Roman consul, 222 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Claudius
241/8 Marcellus saves the life of his brother Otacilius.
226/12 M.Marcellus as aedile punishes the tribune (or aedile?) C.Scantinius.
222/_ onsuls: Cn. Cornelius L.f. Scipio Calvus, M. Claudius M.f. Marcellus
222/10 Marcellus defeats the Gauls at Clastidium, and kills their chief Viri
222/22 Marcellus captures Mediolanum, the capital of the Insubres, and other
221/2 The triumph of Marcellus over the Insubres and Germans, in which
215/7 office as sole consul, while Marcellus is sent to Cales, where new
215/8 the death of L.Postumius, Marcellus is elected to be consul, but
215/36 Marcellus repels an attack by Hannibal on Nola.
214/_ abius Q.f. Maximus Verrucosus (IV), M. Claudius M.f. Marcellus (III)
213/14 Marcellus surprises and defeats a Syracusan force near Acrillae.
212/3 the survivors of Cannae, after receiving a letter from Marcellus.
212/5 Marcellus captures the Epipolae, following the failure of a plot agai
211/15 Marcellus captures Syracuse; the death of Archimedes.
211/21 General remarks on Marcellus' successful campaign in Sicily.
211/22 Marcellus defeats the Carthaginians by the river Himera; the completi
211/25 Marcellus celebrates an ovation for his victories in Sicily.
210/_ uls: M. Valerius P.f. Laevinus (II), M. Claudius M.f. Marcellus (IV)
210/2 Marcellus starts the year as sole consul, because his colleague Laevi
210/5 609, two dedications of booty brought back by Marcellus from Sicily.
210/9 Marcellus captures Salapia, after Blattius persuades Dasius to betray
210/18 indecisive battle between Hannibal and Marcellus near Numistro.
210/23 Marcellus appoints Q.Fulvius dictator, to hold the consular elections
209/6 Indecisive fighting between Hannibal and Marcellus near Canusium.
209/13 C.Publicius Bibulus attacks Marcellus' handling of the war, but Marc
208/_ Consuls: M. Claudius M.f. Marcellus (V), T. Quinctius L.f. Crispinus
208/9 college of priests prevents Marcellus from dedicating a joint temple
208/10 methods of fortifying camps, to guard against attack by Marcellus.
208/11 Marcellus habitually ignores the auspices.
208/12 remarks on the pugnacious character and achievements of Marcellus.
208/13 by Hannibal near Venusia; Marcellus is killed and Crispinus is inj
205/24 temple vowed to Virtue by Marcellus is dedicated by his son.
Plutarch,- PLUTARCH, Marcellus
    Within translations:
Athen_14.634   his History, says, - "Marcellus, having been a great
Cic:Brut_12   head by the victory of Marcellus at Nola, which was succ
Cic:Rep_1.1   it to impotence or Marcus Marcelius have crushed it, nor could
Cic:Rep_1.21   which the grandfather of Marcellus had carried off from
Cic:Rep_5.10     . . . As Marcellus was spirited and pugnacious, and
Cic:Tusc_1.89   Geminus; or Venusia, that of Marcellus: nor would the Latins have
Cic:Tusc_1.110   two Africani, and Maximus, and Marcellus, and Paulus, and Cato, and
Cic:Tusc_4.49   of his collar: or that Marcellus' courage at Clastidium was only
CIL_1.608   CIL_1 .608 Marcus Claudius Marcellus. On a
CIL_1.609   B.C. To Mars, given by Marcus Claudius, consul, son of
FastCap_p58   [222] & M. Claudius M.f. M.n. Marcellus , Cn. Cornelius
FastCap_p60   Claudius M.f. M.n. Marcellus II - elected his place; elect
FastCap_p62   [210] & M. Claudius M.f. M.n. Marcellus IV , M. Valerius
FastTr_p101   Claudius M.f. M.n. Marcellus, proconsul, & over the Insubr
Festus:Brev_4   Sicilians, had been defeated, Marcellus obtained her. The
Hieron:Chron_1804   Ar.] The Romans, with Marcellus as their consul [ or
Nepos_23.5   he slew Marcus Claudius Marcellus, who was holding his
Nepos:Cat_1   of Quintus Fabius and Marcus Claudius 214 B.C. he was tribune
Oros_4.13   15 Later the consul Claudius {222 B.C. destroyed thirty thousand
Oros_4.16   and Q. Fabius Maximus, Claudius Marcellus 215 B.C. the praetor who
Oros_4.17   the proposals of Claudius Marcellus and Valerius Laevinus who
Oros_4.18   soldiers. 4 The consul Marcellus fought with Hannibal continuously
Plin:HN_7.92   beat the record of Marcus Marcellus who fought thirty-nine - for
Plin:HN_7.125   geometry and mechanics from Marcus Marcellus, who at the capture of
Plut:Mor_195   was chosen consul with Marcellus, a daring person and
Polyaen_8.11.1   were taken prisoners. [11] Marcellus. Marcellus at
Poseidon_51   3.162 (chapter 4.13) & M.Marcellus exacts a tribute of 600
Poseidon_41-44 *   :Marc_1 & The family name of M.Marcellus. [42] [259.K] &
ValMax_1.1.8   gods. And therefore when Marcellus, five times consul, having
ValMax_1.1.9   parallel him, unless that of Marcellus. Nor is he to be
ValMax_1.6.9   me to the memory of Marcellus. He, inflamed with the glory
ValMax_2.7.15   time had received letters from Marcellus asking that they would send
ValMax_2.8.5   to P. Scipio and M. Marcellus, though the first had recovered
ValMax_3.2.5   separate the memory of M. Marcellus from these examples, who had
ValMax_3.8e.1   delivered up Salapia to Marcellus, with five hundred Numidians
ValMax_4.1.7   [1.7]   But M. Marcellus, who was the first that
ValMax_5.1.4   now the clemency of M. Marcellus: how famous and how memorable
ValMax_5.1e.6   into his own country. When Marcellus was slain in the territory
ValMax_6.1.7   act follows. M. Claudius Marcellus, one of the curule
ValMax_8.7e.7   For when Syracuse was captured, Marcellus, who was aware that his

  Marcellus 5   (M. Claudius Marcellus) - Roman consul, 196 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
196/_ Consuls: L. Furius Sp.f. Purpureo, M. Claudius M.f. Marcellus
196/18 The triumph of Marcellus, over the Insubres.
189/25 The censors Flamininus and Marcellus review the senate.
    Within translations:
FastCap_p64   rpureo , M. Claudius M.f. M.n. Marcellus [195] & L. Valeri
FastTr_p102   Claudius M.f. M.n. Marcellus, consul, & over the Insubrian
Nepos_23.7   following year, when Marcus Claudius and Lucius Furius were
Oros_4.20   was destroyed. 11 The consul Marcellus 196 B.C. was defeated by

  Marcellus 6   (M. Claudius Marcellus) - Roman consul, 183 B.C.
183/_ Consuls: Q. Fabius Q.f. Labeo, M. Claudius M.f. Marcellus
173/3 Aetolia and Thessaly, and M.Marcellus addresses the assembly of
    Within translations:
FastCap_p64   [183] & M. Claudius M.f. M.n. Marcellus , Q. Fabius Q.f.
Nepos_23.13   consulate of Marcus Claudius Marcellus and Quintus Fabius Labeo
Plin:HN_3.131   destroyed by Marcus Claudius Marcellus, although against the wish
ValMax_6.6.3   L. Flaminius were consuls, M. Claudius the praetor by an order

  Marcellus 8   (M. Claudius Marcellus) - Roman consul, 166 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
166/_ Consuls: C. Sulpicius C.f. Gallus, M. Claudius M.f. Marcellus
166/18 The triumph of Marcellus, over the Contrubrii, Ligurians, and Eleates
155/_ Cornelius P.f. Scipio Nasica (II), M. Claudius M.f. Marcellus (II)
155/19 The triumph of Marcellus, over the Apuani.
155/22 L_1.623, an inscription at Luna in honour of M.Claudius Marcellus
152/_ Consuls: M. Claudius M.f. Marcellus (III), L. Valerius L.f. Flaccus
152/4 Marcellus forces the Celtiberi to come to terms.
152/9 Marcellus captures Nertobriga.
152/12 The foundation of Corduba, probably by Marcellus.
151/7 The Celtiberi surrender to Marcellus: end of the Celtiberian War.
148/4 Marcellus puts up statues of his family.
148/7 The Roman ambassador M.Marcellus dies in a shipwreck while travelling
    Within translations:
Cic:Acad_2.137   of Publius Scipio and Marcus Marcellus, - he was a colleague
Cic:Rep_1.21   at the house of Marcus Marcellus, his colleague in the consulship
FastCap_p66   [166] & M. Claudius M.f. M.n. Marcellus , C. Sulpicius
FastCap_p68   ica II , M. Claudius M.f. M.n. Marcellus II [154] & Q. Opi
FastCap_p70   [152] & M. Claudius M.f. M.n. Marcellus III , L. Valerius
FastTr_p105   Claudius M.f. M.n. Marcellus, consul, & over the Contrubia

  Marcellus 9   (M. Claudius Marcellus) - Roman praetor, 137 B.C.
Obseq_24   At Terracina the praetor M. Claudius was burnt up in his

  Marcellus 10   (M. Claudius Marcellus) - Roman aedile, 91 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Cic:DeOr_1.57   person at Athens, for Marcus Marcellus, our countryman, who is now
Syll_747.A   (73) Marcus Claudius Marcellus, son of Marcus, of the

  Marcellus 11   (M. Claudius Marcellus) - Roman consul, 51 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
64/38 Cato prevents Marcellus from agreeing to an illegal payment from the
51/_ Consuls: Ser. Sulpicius Q.f. Rufus, M. Claudius M.f. Marcellus
51/3 M.Marcellus unsuccessfully attempts to persuade the senate to send
51/8 Marcellus flogs a magistrate from Novum Comum, and refuses to accept
51/41 etters from Cicero to M.Cato, C.Marcellus, M.Marcellus and L.Paulus.
51/45 M.Marcellus summons the senate to discuss several resolutions about
47/30 Brutus visits M.Marcellus in exile, at Mytilene.
46/54 Cic:Fam_4.8 & 13, letters from Cicero to Marcellus and Figulus.
46/57 Caesar recalls M.Marcellus from exile, following a speech in the sena
46/62 Cic:Fam_4.7 & 4.9, two letters from Cicero to M.Marcellus.
46/72 Cic:Fam_4.11 & 6.6, letters from Cicero to Marcellus and Caecina.
46/91 & 6.7-9, letters from Cicero to Marcellus, Caecina and Furfanius.
45/21 M.Marcellus is murdered at Athens.
Cicero,- CICERO, Oratio pro M.Marcello
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_248   ast, (that is Caesar and Marcellus, whom I have often hear
Cic:Brut_249   "I do," said he; "for Marcellus pleases me very highly;
Nepos:Att_18   anner, at the request of Marcellus Claudius, he gave an
Sall:Hist_1.9   of Ser.Sulpicius and M.Marcellus [51 B.C.], when all Gau
ValMax_9.11.4   took away the life of Marcellus, which Caesar had granted to

  Marcellus 12   (C. Claudius Marcellus) - Roman consul, 49 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
49/_ Consuls: C. Claudius M.f. Marcellus, L. Cornelius P.f. Lentulus Crus
    Within translations:
FastCap_p76   [49] & C. Claudius M.f. M.n. Marcellus , L. Cornelius
Joseph:AJ_14.228   ucius Lentulus and Caius Marcellus were consuls, [229] in
Joseph:AJ_14.238   ucius Lentulus and Caius Marcellus were consuls; and there
Oros_6.15   was denied by the consul Marcellus 49 B.C. with the support
Schol:Bob_89   afterwards consul with C.Marcellus; and the accusation was

  Marcellus 13   (C. Claudius Marcellus) - Roman praetor, 80 B.C.
78/27 The upright behaviour of C.Marcellus, as governor of Sicily, earns
51/41 etters from Cicero to M.Cato, C.Marcellus, M.Marcellus and L.Paulus.

  Marcellus 14   (C. Claudius Marcellus) - Roman consul, 50 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
51/34 C.Marcellus, the consul designate, is prosecuted for bribery, probabl
50/_ onsuls: L. Aemilius M.f. Paullus Lepidus, C. Claudius C.f. Marcellus
50/1 _15.10-11 & 15.13, letters from Cicero to L.Paullus and C.Marcellus.
50/8 C.Marcellus attempts to persuade the senate to fix an end date for
50/32 _2.17 & 15.11, letters from Cicero to Cn.Sallustius and C.Marcellus.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_229 L. Paulus and C. Marcellus [50 B.C.]; from which it appe
Cic:Brut_328 onsulship of Paullus and Marcellus [50 B.C.]: and I held
NicDam_128.28 Caesar or Philippus or Marcellus, his sister's husband,

  Marcellus 15   (M. Claudius Marcellus) - nephew of Augustus
Wikipedia entry
45/77 rojects, including a theatre, later called the theatre of Marcellus.
    Within translations:
CIL_6.40318   3.3.8 ) M. Claudius Marcellus [M. Claudius]
CIL_add.8   (1st cent. A.D.)   ustus near the theatre of Marcellus. B Busines
Crinag_6.161   & { G-P 10 } & Marcellus, & returning from the wester
Crinag_9.545   of Theseus' hands be thine, Marcellus, and a life of
Ovid:Cons_59   his sister's offspring {Marcellus} snatched away: that
Ovid:Cons_429   ries here ? Octavia wept Marcellus, and each in the sight
Syll_774.A   (24/3) city of Delphi honours Claudius Marcellus, its patron.

  Marcellus 16   (M. Claudius Marcellus) - "father of Aeserninus"; Roman general, 1st century B.C.
93/7 ssus gives evidence against M.Marcellus, but Marcellus is acquitted.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_136   public lands. M. Marcellus, the father of Aeserninus,
Polyaen_8.10.2   Cimbri, Marius ordered Marcellus with three thousand hea
ValMax_8.5.3   against the defendant M. Marcellus, it fell heavily indeed,

  Marcellus 17   (M. Claudius Marcellus Aeserninus) - a witness at the trial of Verres, 70 B.C.
  + Aeserninus
Cic:Brut_136 lus, the father of Aeserninus, though not reckoned a profe

  Marcellus 19   (M. Claudius Marcellus Aeserninus) - Roman consul, 22 B.C.
48/76 M.Marcellus assumes command of the Spanish rebels, and confronts Q.Ca
    Within translations:
ExcBarb_50A ord. Arruntius and Marcellus Celsus and Tiberius Tullius
FastCap_p82 [22] & M. Claudius M.f. M.n. Marcellus , L. Arruntius
FastCap_p88 rninus , M. Claudius M.f. M.n. Marcellus , M. Fufius M.f.

  Marcellus 21   (Mindius Marcellus) - a naval commander in the war against Sex.Pompeius
Cic:Fam_15.17 his sales. Mindius Marcellus and Attius the perfumer are

  Marcellus   - in documents
SelPap_2.355 nent catholicus Claudius Marcellus and his excellency
SelPap_2.401 mmodus and Pompeianus, Maevius Marcellus ; likewise tr

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