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  Manlius 2   (A. Manlius) - an officer of Marius in Numidia
106/15 Marius sends Sulla and A.Manlius on a mission to Bocchus.
Plin:HN_33.21   by Fenestella, Calpurnius and Manilius, the latter having been

  Manlius 3   (C. Manlius) - the commander of Catilina's supporters in Etruria
63/43 Catilina sends out C.Manlius and others to foment revolt in Italy.
63/46 Manlius collects an army and openly starts a revolt in Etruria.
63/47 L.Saenius reports Manlius' revolt to the senate; Q.Metellus and other
63/58 C.Manlius sends envoys to Marcius Rex.
63/60 Catilina joins Manlius; Antonius is appointed as general against them

  Manlius 4   (Manlius Lentinus) - an officer of C.Pomptinus in Gaul
61/12 Manlius Lentinus captures Valentia.

  Manlius 5   (L. Manlius) - a Roman senator, 2nd century B.C.
Joseph:AJ_13.260 enate-house, when Lucius Manlius, the son of Lucius, of

  Manlius 6   (C. Manlius) - tribune of the plebs, about 100 B.C.
92/11 Metellus Numidicus replies to the insults of the tribune C.Manlius.

  Manlius 7   (L. Manlius) - Roman proconsul in Gaul, 78 B.C.
78/21 L.Manlius, the governor of Gaul, attempts to intervene in Spain, but
77/18 The proconsul L.Manlius and his legate L.Valerius are defeated in Aqu
Oros_5.23   Domitius and his army. 4 Manlius, the proconsul of Gaul, accompanied

  Manlius   - in documents
CIL_1.1747 son of Lucius, and Gaius Manlius son of Gaius, praet
CIL_1.1764 ram's head. Trasacco. Titus Manlius, son of Titus.

Manliussee Acidinus

Manliussee Capitolinus

Manliussee Cincinnatus10

Manliussee Maltinus

Manliussee Saturninus

Manliussee Torquatus

Manliussee Vulso

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