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  Machaerus   - a fortress in Palestine, to the east of the Dead Sea
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76/18 Alexander Jannaeus builds a fortress at Machaerus.
56/43 The Romans defeat and capture Aristobulus at Machaerus.
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_13.417   and Alexandreium, and Machaerus, where her principal
Joseph:AJ_14.83   fortress near to Corea, and Machaerus, near the mountai
Joseph:AJ_14.89   fortresses, Hyrcania and Machaerus, and at last Alexandrei
Joseph:AJ_14.94   had resolved to go to Machaerus, he dismissed those peo
Joseph:AJ_14.96   and with them he fled to Machaerus, and fortified the plac
Joseph:BJ_1.167   fortresses, Hyrcania and Machaerus, as he put Alexandreium
Joseph:BJ_1.171   aware of it, and retreated to Machaerus. [172] And as for
Joseph:BJ_1.172   and marched together to Machaerus; [173] and when the kin
Plin:HN_5.72   and on the south by Machaerus, at one time next to

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