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  Lynceus   - an ancient king of Argos
Wikipedia entry
Euseb]:Chron_179 follows. Danaus, for 50 years. Lynceus, for 41 years. Abas

  Lynceus 2   of Samos - historian and letter-writer, early 3rd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
292/7 Lynceus, the brother of the historian Duris, wins against Menander
    Within translations:
Athen_3.100 [58.] [100] But Lynceus the Samian, the friend of Theop
Athen_3.101 fathoms.   But Lynceus, describing the banquet given
Athen_4.128 es, lived in the time of Lynceus and Duris of Samos, pupil
Athen_4.130 Samian ones, my friend Lynceus, and Attic ones, with the
Athen_4.150 [33.] [150] But Lynceus, in his treatise on the Affairs
Athen_6.241 of Corydus. And Lynceus the Samian repeats several of
Athen_6.242 food to eat. And Lynceus, in the second book of his trea
Athen_6.245 eleucus. [245] And Lynceus the Samian, in his Apophthegms,
Athen_6.248 site. Accordingly, Lynceus the Samian, in his Commentaries
Athen_8.337 wds a pair of gods?" And Lynceus the Samian, the pupil of
Athen_11.496 Drunkenness; and so also does Lynceus the Samian, in his
Athen_13.583 stated [ 579'e ], and as Lynceus the Samian relates in his
Athen_13.584 weak. [47.] And Lynceus has recorded many repartees of
Athen_14.614 donian, in his Letter to Lynceus [ Athen_4.130'c ], mentio
Athen_14.647 also the echinos. Lynceus of Samos, in his letter to Diag
Athen_14.652 sweet thyme. And Lynceus, in his letter to the comic poe
Athen_14.654 twice a-year"? [654] And Lynceus, in his letter to Diagora
Plut:Demetr_27 was so remarkable, that Lynceus the Samian took pains to

  Lynceus   - in documents
THI_98 (250-200)   lf of Timopolis son of Lynkeus by adoption, the son

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