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  Lyceium   - a grove in Athens, home of the Peripatetic philosophers
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Apollod:Fr_38 to Athens, and taught in the Lyceium for a period of twe
Athen_3.98 erious things,) & In the Lyceium with the sophists; by Zeu
Athen_6.246 was with friends in the Lyceium, & Seeing a parasite who
Athen_13.565 iphanes, says:- & In the Lyceium, with sophists, by Zeus!
DiogLaert_7.11 the Academy, and one in the Lyceium. And he who is appo
DiogLaert_7.185 in the open air in the Lyceium, as the before-mentioned
Philoch_37 802 & The establishment of the Lyceium, in the time of Per
Philoch_223 did not build the Lyceium in opposition to Plato, as Aris
Plut:Mor_841 for public exercises in Lyceium, and planted trees before
Plut:Mor_852 public exercises at the Lyceium, and adorned the city with
Plut:Phoc_38 ain this argument in the Lyceium, "That if it is no shame
Syll_326 (307/6)   gymnasium [on the Lykeion] and embellished the
Syll_667 (161/0)   ths: &the youths from Lykeion, with Kairios son of

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