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  Lusitania   - a region in the Iberian peninsula, similar to the modern Portugal
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  + Lusitani , Lusitanian , Lusitanians , Lusitanorum
190/11 Paullus is defeated by the Lusitani at Lyco.
189/10 Paullus defeats the Lusitani.
179/21 L.Postumius defeats the Vaccaei and Lusitani.
178/6 The triumph of Postumius, over the Lusitani.
154/10 itani in revolt and defeats the Romans; the start of Lusitanian War.
153/4 The Lusitani defeat Mummius.
153/10 The Lusitani make raids into neighbouring territories, but are checke
152/3 The triumph of L.Mummius, over the Lusitani.
152/5 M.Atilius defeats the Lusitani.
152/11 The Lusitani renew their resistance to Rome.
151/9 The Lusitani defeat Galba.
150/2 Lucullus campaigns against the Lusitani near Gades and Turdetania.
150/4 Galba massacres the Lusitani.
148/23 Viriathus becomes the leader of the Lusitanian rebels.
141/5 Viriathus, captures several Lusitanian towns, and punishes 500 of
140/13 Q.Occius is attacked by the Lusitani.
137/4 D.Brutus subdues Lusitania.
132/15 The triumph of D.Brutus, over the Callaeci and Lusitani.
105/9 The Lusitani defeat the Romans.
101/14 The Romans subdue the Lusitani.
99/2 The Romans suppress a rebellion by the Lusitani.
98/1 The triumph of L.Dolabella, over the Lusitani.
93/2 The triumph of P.Crassus, over the Lusitani.
80/4 torius is called back by the Lusitani to lead their resistance to the
60/4 C.Caesar governs Further Spain, and fights against the Lusitani.
45/19 C.Didius is defeated and killed by the Lusitani.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_89   raetor put to death some Lusitanians, contrary (it was bel
Diod_33.1   nts. [1] &   The Lusitanians at first, not having a skil
Diod_33.7   kill their enemies, the Lusitanians kill theirs, so that
Diod_33.24   said to the envoys: "The Lusitanians and Celtiberians make
Diod_33.21a   iathus was buried by the Lusitanians with great pomp and
FastTr__L   nia, in S.W. Italy Lusitani A tribe in western Iberia (mod
FastTr_p103   Albinus, pro[consul, & from] Lusitania and Spain, pr.
FastTr_p107   from Further Spain over the Lusitani, 5 k.Feb. (26th
Festus:Brev_5   ined the rebelling Lusitanians in Spain through Decimus
Hieron:Chron_1957   [1958 in Ar.] Caesar conquered Lusitania and some islands
Just_44.3   himself. [44.3] In Lusitania, near the river Tagus, many
Nepos:Cat_3   Servius Galba, who plundered the Lusitanians. In his account of all
Obseq_17   the Gauls and by the Lusitanians.
Obseq_18   of supplication was held. In Lusitania the war met with varying
Obseq_42   army was slaughtered by the Lusitanians.
Obseq_46   for Juno Regina. In Lusitania, the war was fought
Obseq_62   upturned by their roots. The Lusitanian Gallaeci were defeated.
Obseq_44a   rained mud. After the Lusitanians were defeated, Further was
Oros_4.20   had been slaughtered by the Lusitani. 24 L. Baebius, who had
Oros_4.21   however, was defeated by the Lusitani in a great battle, and
Oros_5.4   same days, three hundred Lusitani fought an engagement against
Oros_5.5   to the assistance of the Lusitani. He was victorious only after
Oros_5.23   with a few followers to Lusitania. 11 Pompey captured Belgida, a
Oros_6.16   a considerable band of Lusitani, engaged in battle with
Plin:HN_3.6   is separated from Baetica and Lusitania by Mount Solorius and by
Plin:HN_3.8   that gave its name to Lusitania, and that Pan was the
Plin:HN_3.13   the Celtici bordering on Lusitania, of the jurisdiction of
Plin:HN_4.112   Asturia and the Gallaeci from Lusitania, and at this point also
Plin:HN_4.115   indicated as the boundary between Lusitania and Baetica, he puts at
Plin:HN_4.118   The dimensions of Lusitania combined with Astiria and Gallaecia
Plin:HN_4.120   was another island, lying off Lusitania, and that an island there
Plin:HN_6.217   and then runs through Lusitania. A 9-ft. gnomon throws
Plin:HN_8.166   It is known that in Lusitania in the neighbourhood of the
Plin:HN_8.191   fleece that Salacia in Lusitania advertises by its check
Plin:HN_33.78   Asturia and Gallaecia and Lusitania produce in this way
Plin:HN_34.156   it is a product of Lusitania and Gallaecia found in the
Plin:HN_37.24   weight was found in Lusitania, in the Ammaeensian mountains,
Poseidon_49   Baenis, the largest river in Lusitania. [50] [247.K] &
Poseidon_84   auses of tides on the coast of Lusitania . [85] [217.K]
SelPap_2.368   andard-bearer of the 1st Lusitanian cohort, of the Cen
SelPap_2.401   hort I Augusta Praetoria Lusitanorum Equitata for the
ValMax_1.2.4   all the cragged mountains of Lusitania, by which he feigned himself
ValMax_6.4e.1   Spain. For when all of Lusitania had surrendered to him, and
ValMax_7.3.6   to become general of the Lusitanians by the proscription of Sulla.
ValMax_8.1.2   a great number of the Lusitanians, contrary to his pledge given
ValMax_9.1.5   them continually with the Lusitanian spears. So much had
ValMax_9.2.4   be heard, were performed by Lusitanians, at the command of a
ValMax_9.6.2   together the people of three Lusitanian states, upon pretence of his

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