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  Lollius   - a Samnite brigand, 3rd century B.C.
269/16 ess a Samnite brigand called Lollius, and campaign against the Carace

  Lollius 2   (Q. Aurelius Lollius) - a Roman, who was killed during the proscriptions of Sulla
81/3 led, including Q.Aurelius (? Lollius), Baebius, Q.Caecilius, Carrinas

  Lollius 3   (M. Lollius Palicanus) - tribune of the plebs, 71 B.C.
71/32 M.Lollius Palicanus campaigns for the full restoration of the tribune

  Lollius 4   (L. Lollius) - a Roman officer, who served under Pompeius
64/4 Lollius and Metellus capture Damascus.
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_14.29 Damascus, and found that Lollius and Metellus had newly
Joseph:BJ_01.127 taken by Metellus and Lollius, and caused them to leave

  Lollius 5   (M. Lollius) - Roman consul, 21 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
42/36 M.Cicero, Domitius, M.Lollius, Paulus, Petronius and other followers
    Within translations:
ElegMaec_1.1 task, then, was won for me by Lollius. For between you
Festus:Brev.11 status of a province and Lollius, a propraetor, first admi
Hieron:Chron_1993 =24-21 B.C.] 189.1 . [1993] M.Lollius made Galatia a Roma
Hieron:Chron_2000 rising, but were defeated by M.Lollius. [not in Ar.] Variu

  Lollius   - in documents
CIL_1.1523 son of Aulus, and Marcus Lollius son of Gaius, superin
CIL_1.1524 son of Aulus, and Marcus Lollius son of Gaius, superin

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