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  Locris   - a region in central Greece
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  + Locrian , Locrians
245/17 Aratus lays waste Locris and Calydonia.
190/6b 78;.748, a treaty of sympoliteia between two small cities in Locris.
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_47   852& Apollo says to the Locrians, "they will not be relie
Aelian:NA_5.9   people of Rhegium and of Locris* that they shall have
Aelian:NA_15.24   Idomeneus of Crete and Ajax of Locris are represented cont
Alcaeus_7.55   siod In a shady grove of Locris the Nymphs washed the body
AnthPal_6.132   mitten by the swiftly-charging Locrians. Here they hang
AnthPal_7.718   the Graces, say that the Locrian land bore one dear to the
Anyte_16.291   by a many-rooted bush, Locrian, swiftest of the puppies,
Athen_5.216   and slew them; and the Locrian cavalry joined in the pur
Athen_6.264   having departed from the Locrian customs; for they said
Athen_12.516   - namely, Glaucus the Locrian, and Mithraecus, and Dionysius,
Athen_14.625   or of passion ; as the Locrian has, for this was a harmo
Athen_14.639   oo, which are called the Locrian songs, do not differ in
Athen_14.648   istus, (whether he was a Locrian or a Sicyonian is uncerta
Athen_14.661   acleides and Glaucus the Locrian, say that the art of cook
Athen_15.697   as those which are called Locrian songs, which are of a
Demetr:Eloc_100   that he would ravage the Locrian land, he would have shown
DiogLaert_10.137   ils, the mountain heights & Of Locrian lands, and sad Eubo
Oros_2.18   Atalante, adjoining the territory of Locris, was suddenly cut off by
Philoch_56   give back Nicaea to the Locrians, is confirmed by Philoch
Plin:HN_4.1   Acarnania, Aetolia, Phocis, Locris, Achaia, Messenia, Laconia,
Plut:Arat_16   haean league, he ravaged Locris, which lies on the other
Plut:Mor_851   ns, Megarians, Achaeans, Locrians, Byzantines, and Messeni
Polyaen_1.9.1   Rhium, dispatched some Locrian rebels, with instructions
Polyaen_1.35.2   the territories of Phocis and Locris. [see also: Frontinu
PsCallisth_1.19   edon, the ninth Nicomachus the Locrian. They stood at the
Syll_405   (277)   s: Bryas, Aleximachos Lokrians: Pantaxenos It is re
Syll_406   (276/5)   Dorians: Aleximachos Lokrians: Pantaxenos It is re
Syll_416   (273)   Troizenians: Straton Lokrians: Echemmas Athenians:
Syll_419   (270)   ans: Pyles, Kaphisias Lokrians: Phrikos, Alponios B
Syll_482   (269/8)   Lamia Epiknemidian Lokrians: Myaneus Athenians:
Syll_492   (c. 263)   atonikos Nikophon of Lokris, the son of Aristolaos
Syll_597   (c. 205-200)   y of Opous and the Lokrians around Opous [dedica
Syll_635   (182-179)   as of Opoeis in Locris went down to the oracle of T
Syll_636   (178)   as son of Lysistratos Locrians, from each part: Pro
Syll_653   (c. 165)   gue of the eastern Locrians, with a golden crown
Syll_767   (34/3) the Boeotians, Euboeans, Locrians, Phocians and Dorians dedicat
THI_24   (early 2nd cent.)   owner lived in Locris, this contract is dated by
THI_74   (280-240)   rebuilt] publicly by the Locrians. If any one of
THI_103   (c. 190)   rtant places in West Locris (Hypnia is rarely menti

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