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  Licinus   (C. Fabius Licinus) - Roman consul, 273 B.C.
  + Licinius
273/_ Consuls: C. Fabius M.f. Licinus, C. Claudius M.f. Canina (II)
    Within translations:
ChronPasc_428 Pharos. [428'A] [Ol. 126.3] Licinius and Cambias were
FastCap_p52 [273] & C. Fabius M.f. M.n. Licinus , C. Claudius M.f.

  Licinus 2   (M. Fabius Licinus) - Roman consul, 246 B.C.
246/_ Consuls: M'. Otacilius C.f. Crassus (II), M. Fabius C.f. Licinus
    Within translations:
FastCap_p56 assus II , M. Fabius C.f. M.n. Licinus dictator: Ti. Corun

  Licinus 3   (L. Porcius Licinus) - Roman consul, 184 B.C.
  + Porcius
184/_ Consuls: P. Claudius Ap.f. Pulcher, L. Porcius L.f. Licinus
181/1 The temple of Venus Erycina is dedicated by L.Porcius.
90/32 L.Porcius defeats the Etruscans.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_60 Claudius and L. Porcius [184 B.C.], twenty years after
FastCap_p64 Pulcher , L. Porcius L.f. M.n. Licinus censors: L. Valeriu

  Licinus 4   (C. Clodius Licinus) - suffect consul, 4 A.D.
FastCap_p84 urninus , C. Clodius C.f. C.n. Licinus [5AD] & tribunician

  Licinus   - in documents
CIL_1.1328 nument. CIL_1 .1328 Latin Text Licinus, wife, and son.
CIL_1.1446 the foremen Tosenianus Licinus, freedman of Lucius,
CIL_1.2252 [b] Lucius Orbius Licinus, and Lucius Orbius Diphulus,

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