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  Lex   Ogulnia - a Roman law about the appointment of priests, 300 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
300/17 The Lex Ogulnia is passed, enabling plebeians to become priests for

  Lex 2   Valeria de Provocatione - a Roman law about the right of appeal, 300 B.C.
300/18 The Lex Valeria de Provocatione gives Roman citizens a right of appea

  Lex 3   Aquilia - a Roman law about unlawful damage, 3rd century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Aquilian
287/14 The Lex Aquilia, an early Roman law about unlawful damage, is introdu
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_131 when he endeavoured, by the Aquilian law, to subject

  Lex 4   Metilia - a Roman law,l regulating the activities of fullers
220/53 censors introduce the Lex Metilia, a law which regulates the activ

  Lex 5   Claudia - a Roman law about the commercial activities of senators, 218 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
218/58 The Lex Claudia puts restrictions on commercial ventures by Roman sen

  Lex 6   Oppia - a Roman law, restricting expenditure on luxuries, 215 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
215/41 The Lex Oppia limits the amount of jewellery and other valuables whic
195/2 The Lex Oppia, a sumptuary law, is repealed despite the opposition
Oros_4.20   which had been proposed by Oppius, a tribune of the was
ValMax_9.1.3   against the repeal of the Oppian Law, which the women wanted

  Lex 7   Cincia - a Roman law about lawyers' fees, 204 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
204/32 The Lex Cincia prevents lawyers from receiving fees from clients.
Cic:DeOr_2.286   day when he proposed his law about gifts and and Gaius

  Lex 8   Porcia - a Roman law about the right of appeal, 199 B.C.
199/19 The Lex Porcia gives a right of appeal against judgements.

  Lex 9   Porcia - a Roman law about the rights of citizens, 198 B.C.
198/19 The Lex Porcia forbids violence against Roman citizens.

  Lex 10   Orchia - a Roman law, restricting expenditure on banquets, 182 B.C.
182/16 C.Orchius passes the Lex Orchia, a law to restrict the numbers of gue

  Lex 11   Villia Annalis - a Roman law setting the minimum age for magistrates, 180 B.C.
180/20 The Lex Villia Annalis establishes minimum ages for magistrates.

  Lex 12   Claudia - a Roman law, banishing Latin allies from Rome, 177 B.C.
177/1 The Lex Claudia forces resident Latins to leave Rome.

  Lex 13   Cicereia - a Roman law about sureties, 2nd century B.C.
173/6 The Lex Cicereia provides regulations for sureties.

  Lex 14   Voconia - a Roman law about women's rights of inheritance, 169 B.C.
169/36 The Lex Voconia restricts women's rights of inheritance.
Cic:Rep_3.17   before the passage of the Voconian law. ** In fact that

  Lex 15   Fannia - a Roman law, restricting expenditure on luxuries, 161 B.C.
161/12 The Lex Fannia, a Roman law to curb private expenditure, is passed.
110/13 on the law, and strictly observes the provisions of the Lex Fannia.
76/32 obeys the regulations of the Lex Fannia, by keeping to a frugal lifes

  Lex 16   Aelia et Fufia - a law confirming the use of auspices, about 150 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
150/16 The Lex Aelia et Fufia confirms the right of magistrates to obstruct
58/5 the sky" to obstruct legislation, as allowed by the Lex Aelia Fufia.

  Lex 17   Calpurnia de Repetundis - a Roman law about extortion, 149 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
149/40 iso passes a law against extortion, the Lex Calpurnia de Repetundis.
ValMax_6.9.10   convicted of extortion under the Caecilian Law, and yet was created

  Lex 18   Didia - a Roman law, restricting expenditure on luxuries, 143 B.C.
143/19 The enactment of the Lex Didia, a law curbing excessive expenditure

  Lex 19   Gabinia Tabellaria - a Roman law, reforming the voting system, 139 B.C.
139/7 The voting reform of the Lex Gabinia Tabellaria.

  Lex 20   Porcia - a Roman law, making summary execution illegal, 2nd century B.C.
135/17 The Lex Porcia prohibits summary execution.

  Lex 21   Rupilia - a law about the administration of Sicily, 131 B.C.
131/1 in Sicily, and draws up the regulations known as the Lex Rupilia.

  Lex 22   Papiria - a Roman law about secret ballots, 131 B.C.
131/15 C.Carbo passes the Lex Papiria, which extends the secret ballot in

  Lex 23   Licinia - a Roman law, restricting expenditure on luxuries, 2nd century B.C.
130/22 The Lex Licinia, a sumptuary law, sets limits on the amounts to be

  Lex 24   Rubria - a Roman law, about the founding of a colony at Cathage, 123 B.C.
123/19 The Lex Rubria authorizes the founding of a colony at Carthage.

  Lex 25   Acilia de Repetundis - a law against extortion, 122 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Acilian
122/19 cchus, passes a law against extortion, the Lex Acilia de Repetundis.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.583 Law Library CIL_1 .583 & Acilian Law on Extortion (123

  Lex 26   Mamilia - a Roman law about arbiters, 109 B.C.
109/26 The Lex Mamilia, a law about arbiters, is passed.

  Lex 27   Caecilia Didia, a Roman law about invalid legislation, 98 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
98/10 The consuls pass the Lex Caecilia Didia, which bans the tacking toget

  Lex 28   Licinia Mucia - a law about the illegal assumption of Roman citizenship, 95 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Licinian , Mucian
95/15 The Lex Licinia Mucia prevents other Italians from assuming Roman cit
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_63 as if he acted by the Licinian or the Mucian law, reman

  Lex 29   Minucia - a Roman law, about the status of children, 1st century B.C.
92/15 The Lex Minucia defines the status of children, when only one of the

  Lex 30   Varia - a law punishing collaboration with the Italians, 90 B.C.
  + Varian
90/1 Q.Varius passes the Lex Varia, which sets up a commission to punish
90/2 and Memmius are found guilty under the Lex Varia, and go into exile.
90/3 Other trials under the Lex Varia, including the acquittal of M.Antoni
89/11 suspends trials under the Lex Varia because of the war situation.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_205   led a vindication of the Varian Law, it was composed, at
Cic:Brut_304   had, was that upon the Varian Law; the rest, as I have
Cic:Tusc_2.57   himself, with relation to the Varian law. For as the engines

  Lex 31   Julia - a Roman law, granting citizenship to the Italians, 90 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
90/33 The Lex Julia grants Roman citizenship to those Italians who have not
CIL_1.709   the Kalends of December in accordance with the Julian law.

  Lex 32   Papiria Plautia - a Roman law, giving further rights to the Italians, 89 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
89/12 The Lex Papiria Plautia grants further citizenship rights to the Ital

  Lex 33   Plautia - a Roman law about the composition of juries, 89 B.C.
89/45 The Lex Plautia alters the composition of juries.

  Lex 34   Cornelia Annalis - a law setting a fixed sequence of magistracies, 81 B.C.
81/54 Sulla passes a Lex Annalis, setting a fixed sequence of magistracies.

  Lex 35   Cornelia de Provinciis - a Roman law about provincial governors, 81 B.C.
81/55 Sulla passes the Lex Cornelia de Provinciis, regulating the conduct

  Lex 36   Cornelia Judicaria - a Roman law about the composition of juries, 81 B.C.
81/58 Sulla passes a Lex Judicaria, to transfer membership of juries from

  Lex 37   Terentia Cassia - a Roman corn law, 73 B.C.
73/28 The consuls pass the Lex Terentia Cassia, a corn law.

  Lex 38   Plotia - a Roman law, recalling exiles, 73 B.C.
70/33 The Lex Plotia authorises the return from exile of L.Cinna and other

  Lex 39   Plotia - an agrarian law, 73 B.C.
70/34 Another Lex Plotia is an agrarian law.

  Lex 40   Pompeia - a Roman law about parricide, 70 B.C.
70/35 The Lex Pompeia defines the crime of parricide.

  Lex 41   Aurelia - a Roman law about the composition of juries, 70 B.C.
70/25 Cotta passes the Lex Aurelia, a law which reforms the composition
    Within translations:
Schol:Bob_91 He proposed the Lex Aurelia, a judicial law that depriv
Schol:Bob_94 joint opinion. The Lex Aurelia stipulated that a third of

  Lex 42   Calpurnia - a Roman law about bribery, 67 B.C.
67/23 The Lex Calpurnia, initially proposed by C.Cornelius, introduces meas
    Within translations:
Schol:Bob_78 was allowed to do so by the Lex Calpurnia. In earlier

  Lex 43   Gabinia - a Roman law about the command of the war against the pirates, 67 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Manilia
67/4 A.Gabinius passes the Lex Gabinia, which gives Pompeius wide-ranging
Cicero,- CICERO, Oratio de Lege Manilia

  Lex 44   Manilia - a Roman law about the command of the war against Mithridates, 66 B.C.
Wikipedia entry

  Lex 45   Papia - Roman law, banishing aliens from Rome, 65 B.C.
65/25 The Lex Papia bars aliens from living in Rome.
    Within translations:
Schol:Bob_175   was prosecuted under the Lex Papia, which had been passed
ValMax_3.4.5   he was condemned by the Papian Law: for his father, who

  Lex 46   Plautia de vi - a Roman law about violence, 1st century B.C.
64/42 The Lex Plautia de vi contains measures to combat violence.

  Lex 47   Licinia Junia - a Roman law regulating the publication of laws, 62 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
62/34 The consuls pass the Lex Licinia Junia, a law to regulate the publica

  Lex 48   Julia de repetundis - a Roman law about extortion, 59 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
59/36 Caesar passes the Lex Julia de repetundis, a law to prevent extortion

  Lex 49   Julia - a Roman law about the citizens of Utica, 59 B.C.
59/45 The Lex Julia improves the welfare of the citizens of Utica.

  Lex 50   Trebonia - a Roman law about the provinces of Spain and Syria, 55 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
55/6 The Lex Trebonia assigns the provinces of Spain and Syria to the curr

  Lex 51   Licinia - a Roman law about illegal assocations, 55 B.C.
55/8a Crassus passes the Lex Licinia de Sodaliciis, a law banning illegal
    Within translations:
Schol:Bob_152 illegal association under the Lex Licinia. This law, whic

  Lex 52   Julia Municipalis - municipal regulations attributed to Julius Caesar, about 45 B.C.
45/61 CIL_593, the "Lex Julia Municipalis", municipal regulations for the

  Lex 53   Titia - a Roman law, formally assigning power to the triumvirs, 43 B.C.
43/107 formally appointed and granted extensive powers by the Lex Titia.

  Lex 54   Pedia - a Roman law, condemning the murderers of Caesar to death, 43 B.C.
43/97 ulius Caesar are condemned to death, as authorised by the Lex Pedia.

  Lex 55   Ursonensis - the charter of the colony of Urso, 44 B.C.
44/5 CIL_1.594 & Inscr_21, 'Lex Ursonensis' - the charter of the colony
    Within translations:
CIL_add.2 (c. 45)   ter (often called the Lex Ursonensis) is of conside

  Lex 56   Munatia Aemilia - a law giving the triumvirs various rights, 42 B.C.
42/43a The Lex Munatia Aemilia gives the triumvirs the right to grant citize.

  Lex 57   Falcidia - a Roman law about inheritance, 40 B.C.
  + Falcidian
40/34 The enactment of the Lex Falcidia, a law on inheritance.
    Within translations:
SelPap_1.87 obol, excepting only the Falcidian portion prescribe

  Lex 58   Fonteia - a Roman law about privileges for citizens of Kos, 39-33 B.C.
33/24 SEG_46.1088, a Lex Fonteia, granting privileges in the name of Anton

  Lex 61   Hieronica - the traditional law of Sicily, attributed to Hieron
71/42 rres alters the terms of the Lex Hieronica, the traditional law gover

  Lex 62   Maenia - a law about senatorial approval of elections, (?) 287 B.C.
  + Maenian
Cic:Brut_55 if we consider that the Maenian law was not then in being

  Lex 63   Mamilia - a law setting up an enquiry about the war against Jugurtha, 109 B.C.
  + Mamilian
Cic:Brut_127 being tried by the Mamilian law, as a party concerned in

  Lex 64   Cornelia Baebia - a Roman law about bribery in elections, 181 B.C.
Schol:Bob_78 of this crime under the Lex Cornelia were punished by a

  Lex 65   Saufeia - an agrarian law, 91 B.C.
CIL_6.1312 under the terms of the Lex Saufeia; he was killed w

  Lex 66   Antonia - a Roman law about the autonomy of Termessus, 68 B.C.
CIL_1.589 follows } CIL_1 .589 & Lex Antonia, on the autonom

  Lex 67   Pompeia - a law about the administration of Bithynia-Pontus under Roman rule, 63 B.C.
Plinius:Ep_10.79 provision, Sir, in the Lex Pompeia - which is in force
Plinius:Ep_10.80 ny, and I think that the Lex Pompeia is superseded by the
Plinius:Ep_10.112 & To Trajan. The Lex Pompeia, Sir, which is in use in
Plinius:Ep_10.114 according to the Lex Pompeia, the free cities of Bithyni
Plinius:Ep_10.115 ture, however, the Lex Pompeia must be observed, although

  Lex 68   Julia judiciorum - a law about jurisdiction, 17 B.C. ( see OCD )

  Lex 69   Cornelia de Falsis - a Roman law about the falsification of wills, 81 B.C.
81/59 Sulla passes the Lex Cornelia de Provinciis, regulating the conduct

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