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  Leonnatus   - son of Anteas; an officer of Alexander the Great
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322/6 Eumenes decides to leave Leonnatus, and joins Perdiccas.
322/8 Leonnatus joins the Macedonian army in Thessaly, but he is killed in
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_1 ccas the son of Orontes, Leonnatus the son of Anthes, Ptol
Athen_12.539 the palaestra. And Leonnatus and Menelaus, who were very
Just_* 13.2-5 * be born, they appointed Leonatus, Perdiccas, Craterus,
Plut:Eum_3 was king of them; but Leonnatus and Antigonus were to
Plut:Phoc_25 a great battle, though Leonatus and the Macedonians from
PsCallisth_3.31 iccas, Meleager, Python, Leonnatus, Cassander, Peucestes,
PsCallisth_3.33 apy on the Hellespont to Leonnatus and gives him as a wife

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