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  Latium   - the region around Rome, in Italy
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315/28 The land round Ardea in Latium is laid waste by the Samnites.
280/28 Pyrrhus advances on Rome, as far as Anagnia in Latium.
217/41 Carthaginian fleet approaches Caieta in Latium.
209/1 Twelve Latin colonies refuse to provide contingents for the Roman arm
204/4 Twelve Latin colonies are punished for failing to provide contingents
193/2 Latin colonies are founded at Thurii and in the territory of the Brut
193/22 Latin colony is established at (?) Castrum Frentinum.
189/18 Latin colony is founded at Bononia.
187/21 The praetor Q.Culleo forces illegal Latin immigrants to leave Rome.
177/1 The Lex Claudia forces resident Latins to leave Rome.
173/9 in Liguria and Cisalpine Gaul to Roman citizens and Latin allies.
91/36 The Romans receive aid from the Latin allies and from abroad.
89/37 Pompeius grants Latin status to the Transpadanes.
58/26 Cicero has a dream foretelling his return, at Atina in Latium.
56/22 from Cicero, travelling in Latium, to his brother Quintus and to
44/49 Brutus and Cassius leave the city of Rome, but stay in Latium.
44/51 Octavianus travels across Italy to Tarracina in Latium.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_11.16   Lavinium,* which is in Latium - it is so named after
Apollod:Fr_63   US, Chron_1102] In Latin history, we have found the follow
Apul:Flor_26   to migrate from Greece to Latium. For we are now almost
Cassiod:Chr_639   {of Rome}, except for Latin flute-players accompanying
Cic:Brut_99   sed the admission of the Latin and Italian allies to the
Cic:Brut_169   mong the Allies, and the Latins, who were esteemed good
Cic:Brut_170   of Fregellae in Latium, who was almost contemporary wit
Cic:DeOr_3.43   letters than the people of Latium, yet among all the people
Cic:Rep_1.31   though our allies and the Latins are roused against us, treaties
Cic:Rep_2.33   authority After conquering the Latins in war he incorporated
Cic:Rep_2.44   he conquered the whole of Latium and took the prosperous city
Cic:Rep_3.7   the nations of Italy;the Latins, Sabines, Volscians, Samnites, or
Cic:Rep_3.41   of our allies and the Latins. If this habit of lawlessness
Cic:Rep_6.12   good citizens, the allies, the Latins, will look to you; you
Cic:Tusc_1.89   slain in fighting with the Latins; nor would his son, when
Cic:Tusc_3.27   of the Veientians and the Latins, is said to have betaken
CIL_1.*14.2772   .*14.2772 (vi) In Latium. Tablet of mar
CIL_1.1438   CIL_1 .1438 (i) In Latium, at Marino. c.
CIL_6.40931   Aeneas the [first king] of the Latins; reigned for [3
CIL_6.40959   Albus . . . the army of the Latins . . . the sons
CIL_add.7   (early 1st cent.)   ronia, famed in Latium and central Italy, was les
CIL_add.8   (1st cent. A.D.)   NUARY] - [... is named] in Latium . . . [sacrifi
Diod_37.12   name was Saunio, and he was of Latin origin. He was a very
Diod_37.13   such a favour upon the Latins, who are their allies and
Ennius:Ann_24   & Italy and the Latins : MACROBIUS : ' There is a regio
Ennius:Ann_26   The early connection of Latium with Saturn : VARRO : Men
Ennius:Ann_30   arrive at Laurentum in Latium : PRISCIANUS : Laurentis
Ennius:Ann_156   War of Priscus with the Latins (or Etruscans ?) : FESTUS
Ennius:Ann_433   oars to heaven a shout and the Latins, one and all,' . .
Ennius:Ann_471   tread a successful path and Latium to increase. [473]
Ennius:Ann_506   of the Annales - Bravo ! The Latins were refreshed. [507
Euseb]:Chron_5   individual rulers of the Latins, who were later called Rom
Euseb]:Chron_175   reign, Aeneias was king of the Latins. Zeuxippus, for 31
Euseb]:Chron_265-269 *   been called sometimes Latins, and sometimes Aborigines,
Euseb]:Chron_273   ded to the rule over the Latins." Then he adds [ Dion
Euseb]:Chron_277-289 *   the Opicans which is called Latium, lying on the Tyrrhe
Euseb]:Chron_295   he became king of the Latins, and finishing with Amuliu
FastTr__I   oast of the Adriatic Sea Latins Inhabitants of Latium, the
FastTr_p90   Damaratus, king, & over the Latins, k.Quint. (1st July)
FastTr_p91   llensis, [dictator, & over the Latins ...] [494/3] & M'.
FastTr_p95   consul (III), & over the Latins, Campanians, Sidicini and
FGrH_255.5   second year the Latins united in an attack on the Roman
Hieron:Chron_1687   time as the Romans subdued the Latins. 112.4 * . [1688]
Naev:Pun_19   [19-20] The wanderers in Latium; King Latinus addresses
Obseq_54   during the games. When the Latins drove flocks and herds from
Obseq_55   custom; everywhere in Latium defeats were suffered.
Oros_2.4   Ardea, Oricolum, and Suessa in Latium, and his exploits against the
Oros_3.6   Romans advanced against them. The Latins refused to come to the
Oros_3.9   Romans declared war against the Latins who were in rebellion. In
Oros_5.18   was unable to appease the Latins by a decree after they
Plin:HN_3.38   whom come Etruria, Umbria and Latium, where are the mouths of
Plin:HN_3.54   is itself navigable, and encloses Latium in the rear), while it
Plin:HN_3.56   [56] Old Latium has preserved the original limits,
Plin:HN_3.68   celebrated towns of Latium besides those mentioned:
Plin:HN_3.109   Below the Sabine territory lies Latium, on one side of it
Plin:HN_7.136   by our ancestors even to Latium. Lucius Fulvius also is one
Plin:HN_7.193   times. It was brought to Latium by the Pelasgians.
Plinius:Ep_6.11   They have the true Latin countenance, manly voices, strong
Plinius:Ep_10.104   patronage over all his Latin freedmen & to the exclusio
Polyaen_8.30.1   Philotis. The Latins under the command of Postumius
Sall:Hist_1.48   ies and of the people of Latium to whom you gave citizensh
Schol:Bob_118   defend the cause of the Latins, because of their alliance
SelPap_2.206   operty of deceased Latins is given to their patrons
ValMax_2.7.12   punished the Roman than the Latin deserters. For the former, as
ValMax_2.7.7   people, at whose nod all Latium, and all the strength of
ValMax_3.1.2   of the plebs when the Latins came to him, requesting citizenship.
ValMax_3.2.20   to the valour of the Latins. For my own part, I
ValMax_6.4.1   that the leaders of the Latins should be admitted among their
ValMax_9.3.4   and splendid victory over the Latins and Campanians, all the older

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