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  Laenas   (M. Popillius Laenas) - Roman consul, 359 B.C.
  + Popilius
Cic:Brut_56   onjecture, that M. Popilius was a man of abilities, who,
FastCap_p42   [359] & M. Popillius M.f. C.n. Laenas , Cn. Manlius L.f.
FastCap_p44   [348] & M. Popillius M.f. C.n. Laenas IV , M. Valerius M.f
FastTr_p94   pi]llius M.f. C.n. Laenas, consul (III), & over the Gauls,
ValMax_8.6.3   was prosecuted by M. Popillius Laenas, and he was the first

  Laenas 2   (M. Popillius Laenas) - Roman consul, 316 B.C.
316/_ Consuls: Sp. Nautius Sp.f. Rutilus, M. Popillius M.f. Laenas
    Within translations:
FastCap_p46 tilus , M. Popillius M.f. M.n. Laenas dictator: L. Aemiliu

  Laenas 3   (M. Popillius Laenas) - Roman consul, 173 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Popillius
173/_ Consuls: L. Postumius A.f. Albinus, M. Popillius P.f. Laenas
173/4 M.Popillius ruthlessly subdues the Ligurians.
172/4 in Liguria, after delays caused by accusations against M.Popillius.
158/9 The censors P.Scipio Nasica and M.Popillius complete the census.
    Within translations:
FastCap_p66   binus , M. Popillius P.f. P.n. Laenas [172] & C. Popillius
Plin:HN_7.215   Nasica the colleague of Laenas instituted the first water-clock
Plin:HN_34.30   Cornelius Scipio and Marcus Popilius caused all the statues

  Laenas 4   (C. Popillius Laenas) - Roman consul, 172 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Caius , Popilius , Popillius
172/_ Consuls: C. Popillius P.f. Laenas, P. Aelius P.f. Ligus
172/10 C.Popillius presides over elections for new consuls.
170/26 The Roman envoys Popillius and Octavius visit allied Greek cities.
168/32 Roman embassy led by Popillius goes to Rhodes, and persuades an ass
168/39 Popillius meets Antiochus near Alexandria, and promptly orders him
168/56 ians set free Menalcidas of Lacedaemon, at the request of Popillius.
158/_ Consuls: M. Aemilius M'.f. Lepidus, C. Popillius P.f. Laenas (II)
    Within translations:
Cassiod:Chr_596   [596] & M. Aemilius and C. Popillius. & In the year
Cic:Brut_95   hare of utterance: but his son Caius was really eloquent.
FastCap_p66   [172] & C. Popillius P.f. P.n. Laenas , P. Aelius P.f. P.n
Just_34.3   [34.3] Accordingly Popilius was despatched, in the charact
Plin:HN_34.24   he intended to answer him, Octavius with the stick he happened
Plin:HN_34.30   of Marcus Aemilius and Gaius Popilius {158 BC} the censors Publius
Plut:Mor_202   C. POPILIUS. C. Popilius was sent to Antiochus with a
Plut:Mor_203   sfaction, [203] then at length Popilius saluted and embrac
Porph:Fr_50   the envoys, Marcus Popilius Laenas, met Antiochus by the
ValMax_6.4.3   [4.3]   C. Popillius was sent as ambassador to

  Laenas 5   (M. Popillius Laenas) - Roman consul, 139 B.C.
  + Popilius , Popillius
139/_ Consuls: Cn. Calpurnius Piso, M. Popillius M.f. Laenas
139/8 Negotiations between Viriathus and Popillius.
138/20 Popillius attacks the Lusones.
138/21 Popillius is defeated at Numantia.
    Within translations:
Diod_33.19   &   The consul Popilius, when Viriathus requested an
FastCap_p70   Piso , M. Popillius M.f. P.n. Laenas [138] & P. Cornelius
Oros_5.4   command of the army from Popillius at Numantia, met with constant
ValMax_1.3.3   the time when M. Popilius Laenas and L. Calpurnius were consuls,
ValMax_8.1a.1   brought before M. Popillius Laenas the praetor for having

  Laenas 6   (P. Popillius Laenas) - Roman consul, 132 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Popilius , Popillius
135/9 The praetor (?) Popillius rounds up runaway slaves.
132/_ Consuls: P. Popillius C.f. Laenas, P. Rupilius P.f.
131/18 how agriculture was encouraged by either T.Annius or P.Popillius.
123/3 citizens without a trial, and P.Popillius goes into voluntary exile.
120/6 Bestia passes a law to recall Popillius.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_95   eakers. [95] & P. Popilius also was a worthy citizen, and
Cic:Brut_128   procured the recall of Popillius, who had been exiled
Cic:Rep_1.6   Nasica, the exile of Laenas, the condemnation of Opimius,
CIL_1.638   probably of Publius Popillius Laenas, consul in 132
Diod_34.26   [26] &   When Popilius was sent into exile, the peopl
FastCap_p72   [132] & P. Popillius C.f. P.n. Laenas , P. Rupilius P.f.
Schol:Bob_174   after their deaths, P.Popilius, who had been forced to
ValMax_4.7.1   senate commanded Rupilius and Laenas the consuls to proceed

  Laenas 7   (C. Popillius Laenas) - a Roman officer in the army of Cassius, late 2nd century B.C.
  + Popillius
107/11 tribune C.Coelius charges C.Popillius with treason for his part
Oros_5.15   killed. The other legate, C. Publius, in accordance with the terms

  Laenas 12   (C. Popillius Laenas) - the military tribune who killed Cicero
  + Popilius
Cassiod:Chr_711   at Caieta by a soldier called Popilius, when he was 63
Hieron:Chron_1975   ormian estate by Herennius and Popilius, when he was in
ValMax_5.3.4   had defended C. Popillius Laenas, of the territory of

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