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  Juno   - Roman goddess, wife of Jupiter; equivalent to the Greek Hera
Wikipedia entry
207/3 Livius Andronicus composes a hymn to be sung in honour of Juno.
203/20 a dream not to steal a column from the temple of Juno at Lacinium.
194/20 Temples are dedicated to Juno Matuta, Faunus, Fortuna Primigenia, and
179/25 The dedication of temples of Juno and Diana.
173/2 which he strips the roof tiles off the temple of Juno at Lacinium.
144/11 nstructs temples to Jupiter and Juno within the portico of Octavius.
115/10 The temple of Juno is struck by lightning.
90/36 aesar restores the temple of Juno Sospita, in response to a dream rep
    Within translations:
CIL_1.1430 and of Quintus Flaminius, to Juno, Saviour, Mother
CIL_1.1581 .1581 Dedication to Juno Lucina. Capua. An
CIL_1.2439 ably completed these altars to Juno of the Fig-Tree. C
CIL_* 1.359-361 * nze tablet, ruins of temple of Juno, Norba. Second cen
CIL_1.364 side. To Jupiter Juno and Minerva a gift bestowed by
CIL_1.378 .378 To Queen Juno a gift, bestowed by mat
CIL_1.396 ted, as things sacred to Juno Quiris, by Gaius Faldil
CIL_1.444 a dish found at Vulci Juno's dish CIL_1 .452 Latin
CIL_add.7 (early 1st cent.)   lic Holiday. To Diana and Juno the Queen in the C
CIL_add.8 (1st cent. A.D.)   val of Mars and Juno Lucina on the Esquiline, bec
Ennius:Ann_60 air of lines in Ennius - Juno Vesta Minerva Ceres Diana
Ennius:Ann_62 Apollo [62] & Speech of Juno ; she agrees to the deificat
Ennius:Ann_* 291-293 * Livius Andronicus (?) to Juno : SCHOLIAST : Ennius says
Ovid:Cons_377 ; and on a night grave Juno's shrine and that of fearles

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