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  Jugurtha   - king of Numidia, 118-106 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
134/13 The rigorous early life and training of Jugurtha.
134/14 Jugurtha joins the Roman army.
133/26 Scipio praises Jugurtha.
121/20 Micipsa adopts Jugurtha.
118/10 who is succeeded by his three sons, Adherbal Hiempsal and Jugurtha.
117/2 Hiempsal is murdered by the soldiers of Jugurtha.
117/4 Jugurtha defeats Adherbal.
116/2 about Jugurtha's aggression; Jugurtha's envoys allegedly bribe senato
116/2 omplains to the senate about Jugurtha's aggression; Jugurtha's envoys
113/9 Jugurtha captures Adherbal's camp, and the Romans send an embassy to
112/4 Jugurtha besieges Cirta, and Adherbal sends a letter to the Roman sen
112/6 Jugurtha captures Cirta, and kills Adherbal.
112/12 The Romans declare war on Jugurtha.
111/1a Bestia rejects an embassy from Jugurtha and crosses over to Numidia.
111/6 estia agrees to a truce with Jugurtha, allegedly after he and Scaurus
111/11 rsuades the people to summon Jugurtha to give evidence about bribery.
111/12 Jugurtha is brought to Rome by L.Cassius, but he is prevented from
110/2 Jugurtha procures the murder of the pretender Massiva.
110/4 The senate orders Jugurtha to leave Rome, and the war is resumed.
110/5 Jugurtha uses delaying tactics against Albinus.
109/1 Jugurtha defeats A.Albinus and forces him to agree to a humiliating
109/2 nate rejects the treaty with Jugurtha, and Sp.Albinus returns to Afri
109/3 orruption in the war against Jugurtha; Bestia, Galba, and others are
109/12 Metellus defeats Jugurtha near the river Muthul.
108/2 Jugurtha enters into negotiations about surrender, but then decides
108/6 Jugurtha discovers that Bomilcar is plotting against him.
108/7 Metellus defeats Jugurtha in another battle.
108/11 Bocchus enters into alliance with Jugurtha.
107/3 General remarks on Metellus' successes in the war against Jugurtha.
106/12 Marius defeats the joint forces of Jugurtha and Bocchus.
106/14 Marius defeats Jugurtha and Bocchus in a second battle near Cirta,
105/6 Bocchus seizes Jugurtha and hands him over to Sulla and the Romans.
105/7 General comments on the war against Jugurtha.
104/1 The triumph of Marius, after which Jugurtha is put to death.
91/30 cchus, king of Mauretania, and over Sulla's seal depicting Jugurtha.
Sallustius,- SALLUSTIUS, Jugurtha - Bellum Jugurthinum
    Within translations:
Athen_5.221 his expedition against Jugurtha, having beheld the Gorgo
Cic:Brut_127 conspiracy to support Jugurtha, though he exerted all
CIL_6.40942 [he triumphed over king Jugurtha]; as censor, he did
CIL_6.41024 was sent to wage war against Jugurtha, king of Numi
Diod_34.31 one against another, and Jugurtha routed the Numidians in
Diod_34.32 brother. [32] & Jugurtha, the king of the Numidians,
Diod_34.39 rius was anxious to take Jugurtha the king as prisoner,
Diod_34.35a tremely good reputation, Jugurtha hired some murderers and
Diod_36.1 tle defeated Bocchus and Jugurtha, the African kings, and
Exsuper_1 army to Numidia against Jugurtha, he had with him amongst
Exsuper_14 ught to a successful close and Jugurtha was captured. Afte
FastTr_p107 over the Numidians and] king Jugurtha, [ ... ] 106 & [M.
Festus:Brev.4 war was declared against Jugurtha because of the murder
Hieron:Chron_1909 168.1 . [1909] Jugurtha, who was fighting against the
Schol:Bob_92 there was in the war against Jugurtha. It is well known

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