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  Judas   Maccabaeus - son of Matthias; Jewish leader, 2nd century B.C.
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  + Maccabaeus
165/5 Judas defeats a Syrian force led by Apollonius.
165/8 Judas defeats a Syrian force led by Seron.
165/11 Judas defeats a Syrian force led by Gorgias at Emmaeus.
165/14 Judas defeats a Syrian force led by Lysias at Bethsur.
164/2 write to the Jews, following negotiations between Lysias and Judas.
163/10 Judas attacks Joppa and Jamnia in retaliation for atrocities against
163/19 Judas defeats Timotheus, the leader of the Ammanites.
163/21 Judas defeats Gorgias near Marisa.
163/22 night attack by Judas on the Syrian camp near Modin.
161/8 ian force and is defeated by Judas in a minor engagement near Caphars
161/9 anor agrees peace terms with Judas, but makes threats against the tem
160/4 treaty between Judas and the Romans.
160/5 Judas is defeated by Bacchides and killed at Berea.
    Within translations:
1Macc_* 2-9 * Simon called Thassi, Judas called Maccabaeus, Eleaza
1Macc_13 our leader in place of Judas and Jonathan your brother.
1Macc_14 hey had established with Judas and Jonathan his brothers.
2Macc_2 ngs. 14 In the same way Judas also collected all the book
2Macc_5 mbers of people. 27 But Judas Maccabaeus, with about nine
2Macc_* 8-15 * [8] & & But Judas, who was also called Maccabaeus,
ChronPasc_440 years. [Ol. 154.3] Judas, who was also called Maccabaeus,
ChronPasc_441 [441'A] [Ol.155.1] Judas Maccabaeus became the 16th high
ChronPasc_444 greeing peace terms with Judas Maccabaeus, he was killed
ChronPasc_464 ustoms. After him, Judas Maccabaeus was leader of the Jews
ChronPasc_509 customs. Then: 16. Judas, called Maccabaeus, was leader
ChronSynt_95 Mattathias for 3 years Judas Maccabaeus for 13 years Jon
Euseb]:Chron_123 at Jerusalem, his son Judas, who [p125] was surnamed
Euseb]:Chron_129 his death, his son Judas Maccabaeus [became leader]; and
ExcBarb_47A eek language. Then Judas Maccabaeus the son of Onias Then
Hieron:Chron_1853 ars. [1851 in Ar.] Judas Maccabaeus, the son of Mattathias
Hieron:Chron_1857 155.1 * . [1857] Judas [became] leader of the Jews, for
Hieron:Chron_1860 ears. [not in Ar.] Judas was killed in battle against the
Hieron:Chron_1862 Jonathan, the brother of Judas and leader of the Jews, dro
Joseph:AJ_12.266 was called Matthes, and Judas, who was called Maccabaeus,
Joseph:AJ_* 12.284-290 * you. [284] Take Maccabaeus for the general of your army
Joseph:AJ_12.300 ce. [300] And when Judas saw their camp, and how numerous
Joseph:AJ_* 12.305-316 * And this was the speech which Judas made to encourage the
Joseph:AJ_12.323 time]. [323] Now Judas celebrated the festival of the
Joseph:AJ_12.326 festival. [326] Judas also rebuilt the walls round abou
Joseph:AJ_12.327 cies against them. Judas made perpetual expeditions agains
Joseph:AJ_12.330 of Dathema; and sent to Judas, to inform him that Timothe
Joseph:AJ_12.332 [332] Accordingly Judas, upon considering what was fit
Joseph:AJ_* 12.335-339 * [335] Now as for Judas Maccabaeus, and his brother Jonat
Joseph:AJ_12.343 beaten." [343] And when Judas heard that Timotheus prepar
Joseph:AJ_12.344 preserve themselves; but Judas took the city, and slew the
Joseph:AJ_* 12.350-353 * arias, and Azarias, whom Judas left generals [of the rest
Joseph:AJ_12.363 often happened to them, Judas resolved to destroy that
Joseph:AJ_12.365 king, should be taken by Judas, and those that were with
Joseph:AJ_12.369 ge. [369] But when Judas heard of the king's coming, he
Joseph:AJ_12.372 echoed again. When Judas saw this, he was not terrified,
Joseph:AJ_12.375 enemies. [375] But Judas, seeing the strength of the enemy
Joseph:AJ_12.382 rdingly the king sent to Judas, and to those that were bes
Joseph:AJ_* 12.391-395 * nation, and particularly Judas and his brethren; [392] and
Joseph:AJ_* 12.399-410 * slew all that he could find of Judas's party. [400] But
Joseph:AJ_12.414 the high priesthood on Judas; who hearing of the power
Joseph:AJ_12.416 bassadors that came from Judas to Rome, and discoursed wit
Joseph:AJ_12.419 the son of Eleazar, when Judas was high priest of the nati
Joseph:AJ_12.422 when he had learned that Judas had pitched his camp at a
Joseph:AJ_12.423 ed. [423] Now when Judas was deserted by his own soldiers,
Joseph:AJ_* 12.428-433 * my. [428] And when Judas had done the same, he joined batt
Joseph:AJ_13.1 and how great battles, Judas, the general of their army,
Joseph:AJ_* 13.4-7 * caught the friends of Judas, and those of his party,
Joseph:AJ_13.46 the death of his brother Judas, for at that time no high
Joseph:AJ_13.201 der; and that instead of Judas and Jonathan his brethren,
Joseph:BJ_01.37 ied, leaving the government to Judas, his eldest son. [38]
Joseph:BJ_01.38 dest son. [38] Now Judas, supposing that Antiochus would
Joseph:BJ_01.41 where the passage was narrow, Judas met him with his army
Joseph:BJ_01.42 forces joined battle, Judas's brother Eleazar, seeing
Joseph:BJ_* 01.45-48 * of his men were slain, Judas took the rest with him, and
Malal_207 ears. A Jew called Judas came to Antioch the great, and
Porph:Fr_52 and afterwards his son Judas Maccabaeus died fighting,
Porph:Fr_57 ilderness, with Mattathias and Judas Maccabaeus as their
Porph:Fr_49a deceit, but also he overcame Judas Maccabaeus by tricker
Porph:Fr_58c erals of Antiochus, when Judas Maccabaeus fought bravely

  Judas 2   - son of Chapseaus; an officer in the Jewish army, 2nd century B.C.
1Macc_11 the son of Absalom and Judas the son of Chalphi, command
Joseph:AJ_13.161 the son of Absalom, and Judas, the son of Chapsaeus, who

  Judas 3   - a member of the Essene sect, late 2nd century B.C.
Joseph:AJ_13.311 ccasion to wonder at one Judas, who was of the sect of the
Joseph:BJ_01.78 any one would be surprised at Judas upon this occasion.

  Judas 4   - of Galilee; the founder of the Jewish Zealots, early 1st century A.D.
Wikipedia entry
Hieron:Chron_2018 rippa as his sons. Judas the Galilaean incited the Jews

  Judas 5   - one of the Jews who translated the bible into Greek, 3rd century B.C.
Aristeas_* 47-50 * the second tribe, Judas, Simon, Samuel, Adaeus, Mattathia
Aristeas_49 the sixth tribe, Judas, Joseph, Simon, Zacharias, Samuel

  Judas 6   - son of Simon, 2nd century B.C.
1Macc_16 in his two older sons Judas and John, and said to them:

Judassee Aristobulus

Judassee Judah

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