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  Jews   - a Semitic people, living to the south of Syria
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321/8 Onias becomes Jewish high priest.
311/5 Ptolemy settles some of the Jews in Egypt.
299/4 rta, sends an embassy with a letter to the Jewish high priest Onias.
299/5 Simon "the Just" becomes high priest of the Jews.
289/2 Seleucus moves Jewish settlers into his new cities.
287/7 Eleazar becomes Jewish high priest.
281/42 Ptolemy II frees Jewish slaves.
280/4 rises the translation of the Jewish Bible into Greek, and sends gifts
280/5 Eleazar sends seventy Jewish scholars to assist Ptolemy, who holds
280/19 The Jewish Bible is translated into Greek (the "Septuagint").
253/7 Manasses becomes high priest of the Jews.
227/2 Onias II becomes Jewish high priest.
216/21 hants to attack the Egyptian Jews, but the Jews are miraculously save
213/8 Simon II becomes high priest of the Jews.
205/11 Antiochus sends Jewish settlers to Phrygia and Lycia.
200/23 The Jews transfer their allegiance to Antiochus after his victory.
199/6 Joseph the Jewish tax-collector marries his niece at Alexandria.
191/20 Onias III becomes Jewish high priest.
176/6 Aristobulus, the Jewish writer and philosopher, is in his prime.
175/7 The Jewish high priest Onias visits Seleucus to seek his support agai
174/4 Sparta sends a letter to the Jewish high priest Onias offering to ren
171/17 Jason attempts to Hellenize the Jews.
171/18 Onias (also known as Menelaus) becomes the Jewish high priest.
167/19 issues a decree forcing the Jews to adopt Hellenic customs and make
166/9 The Samaritans disown their kinship with the Jews.
166/15 Mattathias and his supporters carry out attacks on hellenizing Jews.
164/2 and T.Manius, write to the Jews, following negotiations between Lys
163/9 The first appearance of the Jewish sect of Essenes.
163/10 mnia in retaliation for atrocities against their Jewish inhabitants.
163/23 Antiochus V defeats the Jewish army at Bethzacharia.
163/30 The Jewish high priest Menelaus is put to death by Antiochus.
162/9 Onias, the son of a Jewish high priest, goes to Egypt and builds a
160/14 Jonathan becomes Jewish leader.
157/6 Eupolemus' Jewish history.
152/7 Demetrius frees the Jewish hostages in Jerusalem.
152/8 Alexander Balas appoints Jonathan as high priest of the Jews.
151/2 further concessions to the Jews, including an exemption from paying
145/10 Ptolemy VI supports the Jews of Alexandria against the Samaritans.
145/30 Demetrius' Cretan and Jewish mercenaries massacre the inhabitants of
143/5 The Jews of Jerusalem appeal for help to the Jews of Egypt.
143/16 Simon becomes the leader of the Jews.
142/4 ions from Demetrius, and the Jews are in effect freed from direct Syr
140/10 The Jews set up an inscription in honour of Simon.
139/5 The Chaldaeans and Jews are expelled from Rome.
134/8a p_2.273A, a petition from Dorotheos, a Jew living in Heracleopolis.
133/27 ntiochus grants a truce to the Jews during the feast of Tabernacles.
125/8 Alexander Zabinas makes an alliance with Hyrcanus and the Jews.
124/6 Date of a letter to the Jews in Egypt, preserved at the start of the
102/3 The Jewish generals Chelcias and Ananias remain loyal to Cleopatra
94/12 der Jannaeus kills 50,000 of his Jewish subjects during a rebellion.
67/30 Alexandra, queen of the Jews; she appoints her elder son Hyrcanu
63/49 Pompeius appoints Hyrcanus to be high priest and ruler of the Jews.
61/15 Flaccus prevents the Jews in Asia from sending money to Jerusalem.
59/55 Menaemus greets the young Herodes as "king of the Jews".
49/32 aesar releases Aristobulus, a Jewish prince, and sends him to Syria.
49/45 ssues a decree exempting the Jews of Asia Minor from military service
47/9 Antipater brings some Jewish soldiers to join the forces that Mithrid
45/73 arium are instructed by (?) Servilius to respect the rights of Jews.
44/17 ate pass a decree confirming their friendly relations with the Jews.
44/57 senate formally ratifies its previous decree in favour of the Jews.
43/8 Dolabella excuses the Jews in Asia from military service.
43/58 Cassius exacts money from the Jews.
42/6 Ephesians pass a decree, allowing the Jews to observe the Sabbath.
37/18 Herodes appoints Ananel to be high priest of the Jews.
Josephus,- JOSEPHUS, Jewish Antiquities - Antiquitates Judaeorum

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