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  Jericho   - a city in Judaea
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63/31 Pompeius stays near Jericho, and puts Aristobulus under arrest.
38/16 onus defeats and kills Joseph, the brother of Herodes, near Jericho.
37/3 Herodes defeats the army of Antigonus at Jericho.
    Within translations:
1Macc_9 Judaea: the fortress in Jericho, and Emmaus, and Beth-hor
1Macc_16 vernor over the plain of Jericho, and he had much silver
2Macc_12 engines of war overthrew Jericho in the days of Joshua,
Joseph:AJ_13.15 lls had been demolished; Jericho, and Emmaus, and Bethhoro
Joseph:AJ_13.230 the fortresses that was above Jericho, which was called
Joseph:AJ_14.4 battle with Hyrcanus at Jericho, many of his soldiers des
Joseph:AJ_14.54 had pitched his camp at Jericho, (where the palm tree gro
Joseph:AJ_14.91 Amathus, the fourth at Jericho, and the fifth at Sepphor
Joseph:AJ_* 14.408-411 * all other provisions, to Jericho, that those might be no
Joseph:AJ_14.448 these he went hastily to Jericho, in :order to reap the
Joseph:AJ_14.454 king march hastily to Jericho, intending to avenge hims
Joseph:AJ_14.458 in to him many out of Jericho and Judaea, near to which
Joseph:AJ_20.248 as he was swimming at Jericho, as we have already relat
Joseph:BJ_01.56 the fortresses that were about Jericho, which was called
Joseph:BJ_01.120 about the kingdom, near Jericho, the greatest part desert
Joseph:BJ_01.138 which he was informed about Jericho. Now here is the
Joseph:BJ_01.170 to Amathus, a fourth to Jericho, and to the fifth divisio
Joseph:BJ_* 01.299-302 * wine, and oil, and cattle to Jericho. [300] When Antigon
Joseph:BJ_01.323 ved, and marched towards Jericho with five cohorts, which
Joseph:BJ_01.331 this he marched through Jericho, as making what haste he
Joseph:BJ_01.335 every day, both out of Jericho and the other parts of
Joseph:BJ_01.361 ntation of palm trees at Jericho, where also grows the bal
Joseph:BJ_1.407 erected other places at Jericho also, between the citadel
Joseph:BJ_1.417 citadel that lay above Jericho, and was a very strong
Joseph:BJ_1.418 lley that leads northward from Jericho, and named it Phasa
Joseph:BJ_1.437 ild was sent by night to Jericho, and was there submerged

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