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  Ituraea   - a region north of Galilee, Palestine
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  + Ituraeans , Itureans
104/13 Aristobulus conquers the Ituraeans.
63/9 hing Roman control over Tripolis and the territory of the Ituraeans.
    Within translations:
Apul:Flor_6   their long flowing robes, the Ityraeans, to whom earth gives but
Eupolemus_2   nites, and Moabites, and Ituraeans, and Nabathaeans, and
Joseph:AJ_13.318   ry, and made war against Ituraea, and added a great part
Joseph:AJ_13.319   art of the nation of the Ituraeans for them, and bound the
Joseph:AJ_15.185   treasurer Joseph and Sohemus of Ituraea to take care of that
Oros_6.6   He first subdued the Ituraeans and then the Arabians,
SelPap_2.315   the 2nd cohort of the Itureans and exhibited a L
SelPap_2.421   the 3rd cohort of the Ituraeans, state that the ori

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