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  Isthmus   of Corinth - the isthmus connecting the Peloponnese to the rest of Greece
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  + Isthmian
285/2 trius is advised not to build a canal across the Corinthian Isthmus.
265/21 killed by Antigonus at the Isthmus; (?) the death of Halcyoneus,
241/16 Agis sets out to join Aratus at the Isthmus.
241/17 Aratus fails to prevent the Aetolians from crossing the Isthmus.
224/7 Antigonus advances to the Isthmus of Corinth.
224/8 olt against Cleomenes, which forces him to retreat from the Isthmus.
146/27 Mummius defeats the Achaeans at the Isthmus.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_15.9 hes Attica on that side of the Isthmus that faces Athens.
Alcaeus_9.588 fall won the three contests at Isthmus. Alone among the
AnthPal_13.5 where did you win? & (1) At Isthmus. And you where? &
AnthPal_6.233 comb iron-bound - these, Isthmian Poseidon, who delight
AnthPal_7.297 twin parallel shores of the Isthmus. One heap of stones
AnthPal_9.20 formerly, as a colt, at Isthmus ; I, who ran swift as the
AnthPal_9.21 procession at Pytho and Isthmus ; I, who went to the fest
Archias_9.19 crowned, and Pisa and Isthmus with its two beaches, is
Athen_13.599 powering love beyond the Isthmus, when he fell in love wit
Bianor_9.308 deep, till it landed on the Isthmus of Corinth. Had the
CIL_1.2662 a fleet was carried over the Isthmus and sent across
Nicand:Al_600 seed of celery from the Isthmus, beneath which the sons
Philip_6.259 race. & A. What race ? & B. At Isthmus and Nemea. & A. He
Plut:Arat_16 honour. For the Isthmus of Corinth, which separates the
Plut:Arat_44 immediately with them from the Isthmus to Epidaurus. But
Plut:Cleom_20 naean mountains than the Isthmus, and by the advantage of
Plut:Demetr_25 being assembled at the Isthmus, and a prodigious number
Plut:Demetr_31 them, he steered for the Isthmus, but found his affairs
Plut:Demetr_39 on the other side the Isthmus, he wanted to reduce the
Polyaen_1.9.1 was to make a descent on the Isthmus. The Peloponnesians
Polyaen_5.30.1 planning to fortify the Isthmus, and to withdraw from the
Simonid_13.14 at Delphi, twice at the Isthmus, and fifteen times at Nem
Simonid_13.19 another ; and in holy Isthmus the shore of the Sea-lord
Syll_457 (c. 250)   the artists from the Isthmos and Nemea, when Hiero
Syll_460 who have gathered at the Isthmos and Nemea, priorit
Syll_507 (c. 237/6)   se who travel to the Isthmos and Nemea." { Fo
Syll_690 (c. 135)   ac} Artists from the Isthmos and Nemea about the ga
Syll_705 (112)   of the guild at the Isthmos and Nemea shall pay a f
THI_115 (230-225)   ists who [meet] at the Isthmos [and Nemea] may be [

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