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  Idumaea   - a region to the south of the Dead Sea, called Edom in Hebrew
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  + Idumaean , Idumaeans
111/8a OGIS_737, a decree of the Idumaean community in Memphis.
76/16 her of Herodes, is seized by Idumaean bandits while still a young boy
76/17 rodes, is appointed by Alexander Jannaeus to be governor of Idumaea.
34/16 stobarus marries Salome, and is made governor of Idumaea by Herodes.
    Within translations:
1Macc_4-6 *   ra, and to the plains of Idumaea, and to Azotus and Jamnia
2Macc_10   s. 15 Besides this, the Idumaeans, who had control of imp
2Macc_12   Gorgias, the governor of Idumaea. 33 And he came out with
Aelian:NA_6.17   ose known as Judaeans or Idumaeans, the natives of the tim
Aristeas_107   order on the land of the Idumaeans, other parts are mountai
Joseph:AJ_12.308   adara, and the plains of Idumaea, and Azotus, and Jamneia;
Joseph:AJ_12.328   he fell upon the Idumaeans, the posterity of Esau, at
Joseph:AJ_12.353   off fighting with the Idumaeans, but pressed upon them
Joseph:AJ_12.367   the whole, and came to Idumaea, and thence went up to
Joseph:AJ_13.207   Jerusalem by the way of Idumaea, while Simon went over
Joseph:AJ_13.257   and Marissa, cities of Idumaea, and subdued all the Idum
Joseph:AJ_13.395   nged to the Syrians, and Idumaeans, and Phoenicians: At
Joseph:AJ_13.396   of the country, near to Idumaea, Adora, and Marissa; near
Joseph:AJ_14.8   friend of Hyrcanus, an Idumaean, called Antipater, who
Joseph:AJ_14.10   made him general of all Idumaea, and that he made a leagu
Joseph:AJ_14.121   great repute with the Idumaeans also: out of which nati
Joseph:AJ_14.353   knowldege pursued his way to Idumaea. [354] Nor could
Joseph:AJ_14.361-364 *   And when he was come to Idumaea, at a place called Oresa,
Joseph:AJ_14.403   ore than a private man, and an Idumaean, i.e. a half Jew,
Joseph:AJ_14.413   brother Joseph against Idumaea with two thousand armed
Joseph:AJ_15.253   [253] Costobarus was an Idumaean by birth, and one of
Joseph:BJ_1.63   a great many other cities of Idumaea, with Adoreon and
Joseph:BJ_1.123   was by birth an Idumaean, and one of the principal of
Joseph:BJ_1.266-268 *   place called Thressa of Idumaea his brother Joseph met
Joseph:BJ_1.302   there, viz. into Judaea, [or Idumaea,] and Galilee, and
Joseph:BJ_1.303   rest, but seized upon Idumaea, and kept it, with two
Joseph:BJ_1.326   reat change made also in Idumaea, where Machaeras was buil
OGIS_737   (112/1)   on {politeuma} and the Idumaeans from the city, whi
PCairZen_59015d   they have been said to be in Idumaea. We have sent Strat
Plin:HN_6.213   and embraces Babylon, Idumaea, Samaria, Jerusalem, Ascalon,
Porph:Fr_55   did not harm the Idumaeans, Moabites, or Ammonites who

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