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  Iberia   - a region in the Caucasus, to the east of the Black Sea
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  + Hiberia , Hiberians , Iberian , Iberians
298/9 Pharnavaz becomes king of the Iberians.
233/6 Pharnavaz organises the Iberian kingdom, and establishes worship
233/7 Saurmag becomes king of the Iberians, and survives a plot against
158/8a After the death of Saurmag, Mirvan becomes king of the Iberians.
108/8b After the death of Mirvan, Parnajom becomes king of the Iberians.
89/15b Arshak becomes king of the Iberians, after defeating Mirvan in battle
77/20b the death of Arshak, his son Artoces becomes king of the Iberians.
65/5 attacks Artoces, king of the Iberians, and forces him to surrender.
62/8b death of Artoces, Bartom (? Pharnavaz) becomes king of the Iberians.
37/17 Canidius defeats the Iberians and Albanians.
30/36 abazus (Bartom), king of the Iberians, is killed in a battle against
    Within translations:
Diod_33.1   far exceeding all the Iberians; for he had inured hims
Diod_40.4   Armenia and Achaia, also Iberia, Colchis, Mesopotamia, Sop
ExcBarb_34A   Antipalus to rule over Iberia as far as the river Halys
Festus:Brev_16   received in surrender Hiberia, with King Atrax; and def
Festus:Brev_20   to the Albani; received Hiberians, Bosphorians, and Colch
Joseph:AJ_13.421   him, who was fled into Iberia, but was laying waste Arme
Just_44.1   ancients first called Iberia, from the river Iberus,
Memn_22   hrygians and [the king of] the Iberians. He provided othe
Oros_6.4   routed Artoces, the king of Iberia, and received all Iberia in
PsCallisth_1.2   ns, Arabians, Oxydraces, Iberians, Seres, Caucones, Dapates,

Iberiasee Spain

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