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  Hortensius 2   (Q. Hortensius) - Roman dictator, 287 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
287/12 um, in a dispute over debts; Q.Hortensius passes laws to settle their
287/13 The death of Q.Hortensius, the dictator.

  Hortensius 3   (L. Hortensius) - Roman praetor, 171 B.C.
170/13 Hortensius sacks Abdera.

  Hortensius 4   (Q. Hortensius) - Roman consul, 108 B.C.
108/_ Consuls: Ser. Sulpicius Ser.f. Galba, (Q.?) Hortensius
108/1 Q.Hortensius is found guilty of an offence, and is forced to resign
    Within translations:
FastCap_p72 icius Ser.f. Ser.n. Galba , Q. Hortensius . . . - convicte

  Hortensius 6   (Q. Hortensius Hortalus) - Roman orator, consul in 69 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
114/23 The birth of the orator Q.Hortensius.
95/21 The first public speech of Q.Hortensius, on behalf of the inhabitants
91/37 Hortensius makes a speech calling for the restoration of Nicomedes.
77/35 ortion in Macedonia; he is defended by Hortensius, and is acquitted.
77/36 Hortensius speaks in defence of Canuleius.
76/14 at Rome: Cicero, Cotta, and Hortensius are elected to various office
75/40 Hortensius is acknowledged to be the leading orator in Rome.
69/_ Consuls: Q. Hortensius L.f. Hortalus, Q. Caecilius C.f. Metellus
68/25 Hortensius fails to sustain his pre-eminence as an orator after his
61/25 Cicero's Academica, a conversation in Hortensius' villa at Bauli.
55/25 ending on luxury, but the law is successfully opposed by Hortensius.
55/43b M.Crassus and Q.Hortensius accept an inheritance from L.Minucius Basi
55/53 Cato gives his wife Marcia to his friend Hortensius.
51/17 Hortensius defends his nephew M.Valerius Messala against a charge of
50/21 neral comments on the orator Q.Hortensius, his florid style of speaki
50/22 The death of Hortensius; after which Marcia returns to her previous
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_3.42   Athenians, not Lucullus nor Hortensius the Romans. I
Aelian:NA_5.21   eepers are needed. Hortensius the Roman was judged to have
Cassiod:Chr_685   [685] &   Q. Metellus and Q. Hortensius. & In the year
Cic:Acad_2.2   was positively inspired, although Hortensius had a better memory
Cic:Acad_2.9   there was one at Hortensius's country-house at Bauli, Catulus,
Cic:Acad_2.10     "For my part," said Hortensius, "I could wish that I
Cic:Acad_2.28   the demand put forward by Hortensius, that your school should say
Cic:Acad_2.61   and have shaken our friend Hortensius in his disagreement with you,
Cic:Acad_2.63   [63]   Hortensius however, indicating emphatic admiration, as
Cic:Acad_2.145   is daytime, nor do you, Hortensius, know that we are at
Cic:Acad_2.148   is Catulus's view ? and Hortensius's ?" "My view ?" replied
Cic:Brut_1   was brought me of the death of Hortensius. I was more affe
Cic:Brut_6   happy one. [6] If Hortensius was now living, he would pro
Cic:Brut_189   youth, when Cotta and Hortensius were in such high repu
Cic:Brut_190   and what the judgment of Hortensius, concerning yourself?
Cic:Brut_228-233 *   earance of Sulpicius and Hortensius, he was unable to equa
Cic:Brut_279   us now proceed to him (Hortensius) who is the only remai
Cic:Brut_291   however, to return to Hortensius." [292] "Indeed, I thi
Cic:Brut_300   let us return to Hortensius, from whom we have digressed
Cic:Brut_301   ond time. [301] & Hortensius, then, who began to speak
Cic:Brut_304   the forum. [304] Hortensius joined the army, and served
Cic:Brut_307   osely I trod upon the heels of Hortensius. [308] The three
Cic:Brut_308   youth, had all left us) Hortensius, of course, was the
Cic:Brut_317-319 *   inent; (I mean Cotta and Hortensius) whose glory fired my
Cic:Brut_323-330 *   ose. [323] & When Hortensius, therefore, the once eloquen
Cic:Brut_333   then Cotta, Sulpicius, Hortensius, and- but I say no mor
Cic:DeOr_3.228   my son-in-law, your friend Hortensius, ** had also been
Cic:Tusc_1.59   Scepsis, or our own contemporary Hortensius : ** I am speaking
Joseph:AJ_14.4   Olympiad, when Quintus Hortensius and Quintus Metellus,
Nepos:Att_5   intimate with Quintus Hortensius, who, in those times,
Nepos:Att_15   Cato, Marius, Quintus Hortensius, Aulus Torquatus, and
Nepos:Att_16   age as himself, Quintus Hortensius and Marcus Cicero, he
Plin:HN_8.211   imitators, Lucius Lucullus and Quintus Hortensius.
Plin:HN_34.48   this explains Cicero's retort when Hortensius in the course of an
Plin:HN_35.130   the Argonauts the orator Hortensius paid 144,000 sesterces and
Plinius:Ep_5.3   llio, Marcus Messalla, Quintus Hortensius, M. Brutus, Luci
Plut:Mor_205   sphinx as a present to Hortensius the orator, who told
Schol:Bob_96   opposition of his colleague Q.Hortensius. After completin
Schol:Bob_125   case; among them were Q.Hortensius, M.Crassus and L.Licin
ValMax_3.5.4   also, the grandson of Quintus Hortensius - who among a great
ValMax_5.9.2   [9.2]   Quintus Hortensius, who in his time was
ValMax_8.3.3   Hortensia, the daughter of Q. Hortensius, when the order of wives
ValMax_8.5.4   L. and M. Lucullus, Q. Hortensius, and M. Lepidus: with what
ValMax_8.10.2   [10.2]   Quintus Hortensius thought there was very much
ValMax_9.4.1   city, M. Crassus and Q. Hortensius - to whom Minucius was

  Hortensius 7   (L. Hortensius) - an officer serving under Sulla
GranLic_27 otiated, Sulla's officer Hortensius routed the Maedi and
Memn_22 inforcements from Lucius Hortensius, who brought more than

  Hortensius 8   (Q. Hortensius Hortalus) - Roman praetor, (?) 45 B.C.
43/120 .Antonius is put to death by Hortensius, after attempting to start

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