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  Hirtius   (A. Hirtius) - Roman consul, 43 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
48/79 Hirtius passes a law, restricting the rights of supporters of Pomp
43/_ Consuls: C. Vibius Pansa Caetronianus , A. Hirtius A.f.
43/11 Cicero practices declamation with Hirtius and Pansa.
43/35 Hirtius and Octavianus approach Mutina, but do not come into conflict
43/42 Gallorum: M.Antonius defeats Pansa, but is then defeated by Hirtius.
43/48 il} In a battle near Mutina, Hirtius defeats Antonius again but is
43/52 Hirtius and Pansa are given public funerals.
    Within translations:
Cassiod:Chr_711 [711] &   C. Pansa and A. Hirtius. & In the year of
ChronPasc_456 Gaul. [Ol. 183.1] Pansa and Hirtius were consuls. Gaius
Cic:Fam_11.1 you how we are situated; Hirtius was at my house yesterday
Cic:Fam_12.5 Again our friend Hirtius is at Claterna, and Caesar at
CIL_add.8 (1st cent. A.D.)   t took up the fasces], when Hirtius and Pansa [were
ExcBarb_49B ome, for 18 years. Hirtius and Pansa Burtus and Cortilianu
FastCap_p80 ronianus - died in office , A. Hirtius A.f. . . - died in
Festus:Brev.2 Publicola to Pansa and Hirtius there were 916 consuls,
NicDam_130.77 Vibius Pansa and Aulus Hirtius as consuls for the ensuin
NicDam_130.106 and avenge Caesar. Hirtius thought that they should discus

  Hirtius   - in documents
CIL_1.1523 The censors Aulus Hirtius son of Aulus, and Marcus Lo
CIL_1.1524 The censors Aulus Hirtius son of Aulus, and Marcus Lo

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