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  Hermogenes   - a general of Antiochus I
279/9 Hermogenes, a general of Antiochus, is defeated and killed while atta
    Within translations:
Memn_9 atrocles appointed Hermogenes, whose family came from Aspe

  Hermogenes 2   - Athenian archon, 183 B.C.
183/_ Athenian archon: Hermogenes

  Hermogenes 3   of Pergamon - victor in the stadion race at the Olympic games, 29 A.D.
Euseb]:Chron_213 race 202nd [29 A.D.] - Hermogenes of Pergamon, stadion

  Hermogenes 4   of Xanthus - victor in the stadion race at the Olympic games, 81 A.D.
Euseb]:Chron_215 215th [81 A.D.] - Hermogenes of Xanthus, stadion race [At

  Hermogenes   - in documents
DioscEpigr_12.42 } & When you look on Hermogenes, boy-vulture, have you
Lucill_11.114 trologer Diophantus told Hermogenes the doctor that he had
Lucill_11.131 men as Potamon the poet and Hermogenes by his surgery
Lucill_11.190 gin to shave the head of hairy Hermogenes, as he seems to
Lucill_11.257 102 } & Diophantus saw Hermogenes the doctor in his slee
Lucill_11.89 F 19 } & Short Hermogenes when he lets anything fall
Nicarch_11.114 trologer Diophantus told Hermogenes the doctor that he had
Nicarch_11.328 28] & Once upon a time, Hermogenes and I and Cleobulus
Philip_6.259 ing point of the course ? & B. Hermogenes. & A. Whose son
PsCallisth_3.32 the young lads Combares and Hermogenes seated by himsel
SEG_44.1108 (158)   nded by the strategoi Hermogenes son of Thearides,
SelPap_1.21 eraclas and of Tausiris, Hermogenes son of Dionysius
Syll_600 (201/0)   l;stratos Gorgos son of (?) Hermogenes Aristokles
THI_67 (c. 208)   mon, the son of Damon Hermogenes of Pergamon, the

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